5 Best SEO Strategies for Escape Room Business in 2022

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All businesses benefit from good digital marketing strategies. And escape rooms are no different. These games are reliant on online brand presence. Their business websites also include information about the games and the booking procedure.

So, what are these escape games? Escape room games are live-action escape experiences where players form a group and voluntarily lock themselves in a room. The players must figure out clues and solve puzzles to break out of the room. The players might also have to complete some additional missions related to the game’s theme. The themes of the games range from thriller, horror, Sci-Fi, etc. 

Escape rooms have taken the world over by a storm, and rightfully so.  Not only are escape rooms popping up everywhere, but many escape room franchises have also developed as a brand in recent years. Clue Chase in New York, Seoul Escape Rooms, and Mystery Rooms Bangalore are some of the business’s successful names.   

5 Best SEO Strategies for Escape Room Business in 2022 

We can attribute good digital marketing strategies to a large share of the popularity of escape rooms. Especially SEO or search engine optimization is an essential digital marketing tool that ensures your content ranks higher on the search engines and leads to relevant content channels. SEO helps direct user traffic towards your content and even deals with off-site SEO management. 


The visibility of your website as well as web content drastically increases when you use the right keywords and follow the appropriate optimizing strategies. And to get the same results for your escape room business in 2022, here are 5 best SEO strategies you can rely on: 

1. Revamp your site and add an appropriate meta description 

The primary goal of any SEO strategy is to increase your brand visibility. You can achieve this by revamping your site and adding a meta description to attract relevant traffic. The meta description should describe the content briefly and with the right keywords. The meta description for an escape room should include the location, theme, or main attractions. It will help attract clicks from anyone interested in the topic. 

2. Choose keywords with high buying intent value 

SEO involves creating content that contains keywords relevant to your business. Make sure to use words that connect your field to your content. Do research the keywords trending, especially the first keyword that pops up. This keyword will likely have a high buying intent value leading to more conversion from user to the buyer. 

3. Increase site efficiency and security 

You must ensure your site is secure and free from cyber threats. This way it will have more traffic. The click rate and site interactions will increase as well. You need the users to interact with the site more to convert them to potential consumers. So, ensure the load time is around 2-3 seconds, or the user might exit the site. 

4. Make use of google photos, reviews, and appropriate descriptions 

Consumer trust is crucial in any business. The more information and feedback you provide about your business, the more users will be interested in your brand. Google will only recommend your company if you follow proper SEO management techniques. Ensure high-quality pictures and customer reviews, and do not use vague descriptions on your page. 

5. Keep up with digital marketing trends 

Lastly, you should keep up with the changing trends in the digital marketing industry. Stay updated on different digital marketing tools and SEO tools. Make sure to continue email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and SEO marketing. Also, involve some data research and analysis to improve your performance  


Escape room businesses are very profitable if you can establish your business and promote it well. To stay relevant as well as on top of your game, you must always use effective and trending SEO strategies and get ahead of other brands in 2022.