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At Digital Marketing Material, we are concerned with sharing and growing our knowledge. We believe in positioning ourselves as the perfect platform for you to learn from while also giving a little back to the community by sharing something that you know with us. 

But, let’s get real about this. This is after all, a blog post platform so there are some ground rules and we can’t really come in gallivanting with our train of thoughts. So, if you want to get yourself published here, here are some things that you might benefit from by keeping in mind:

  1. Be human when you write. Don’t come off sounding like an encyclopedia or a business trying to sell stuff from the word go. It helps when your writing comes off sounding more like you mean what you are saying.
  2. Well, let’s just stay on point with our grammar, shall we?
  3. We’d love to know more about where you are getting your information from. Pointing out sources and giving credit where due is very important. 
  4. The minimum length of a blog post should be at least 500 words. Otherwise, it sort of doesn’t even make sense. 
  5. We’ll welcome inforgraphics, but try to provide us with a written flowchart of the same as well. 
  6. We experience multiple publishing requests every day, so it might take about a week for your work to be showcased here. In case it doesn’t till two weeks, do take the liberty of getting it published elsewhere. We don’t really do well with follow ups, so. 
  7. A big chunk of text never did any reader any good. To keep things spicy, throw in a couple of pictures and videos. Ensure that these images or videos are free of any legal licensing or copyrights. You might want to share the source of the image as well. 
  8. Topics that we absolutely love:
    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. SEO
    3. SMO
    4. SEM
    5. Adsense
    6. Email Marketing
    7. SMS Marketing
    8. All about Digital Marketing

But, of course, if there’s something else that might interest you, you can go right ahead and share that with us too. 

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What is this platform for?

Right at the beginning, we shared our desire to turn this in to a platform where people could exchange ideas and share their knowledge. This industry, as you’d probably already know, is subject to many changes. Each day drags in something new and not everyone can be on top of everything at all times (at least, that’s what our experience shows). This is why, we focus our attention to utilize Digital Marketing Material as a bulletin for latest updates, more information on existing parts of the digital marketing industries and innovations that this field could benefit from. Happy writing pals! Go for it!