December 2, 2023

Rules Not to Follow About SEO SERVICES in the UK.

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In every corner of the world, rules are made and are meant to follow; this creates an environment that is enjoyable for everyone, creating harmony and a sense of coherence among the individuals living in that nice environment. Similarly, when you are working in the Seo, there are certain rules that the user must follow so that it just not makes it feel safer but more secure while working in that environment. Following the Seo, rules help make the content more unique and more popping on the user searches, which would otherwise be possible.

Talking about the Seo, there are certain criteria that are needed to be met when you must make your working in its environment; this helps the user achieve more desired results leading to more confidence, ultimately making him progress to the next level in his business. Following Seo’s rules and criteria helps increase more traffic and more audience engagement to the user work, which boosts its business, making more sales and more revenue building.

Seo is a constantly changing and developing workspace where everyday something new is added, and something is removed, becoming obsolete in the field. Thus when working in the Seo, there are certain rules which you should avoid while working in the space of Seo service  which is listed;

Link’s quantity

In this modern world, there is more emphasis on link quality rather than quantity which was the case before the past; now, Seo has changed its rules and is looking for quality in the content. Many Seo agencies still build links for their clients, which is still the bread and butter of these Seo companies.

Stuffing it with keywords

   When the writer writes the article, he /she has more prioritize on the keywords, no doubt it is the main reason where his article is going to be around which, leading to stuff it with more keywords at every chance he finds, will try to fit it in the sentence no matter how gaudy his article is going to look afterward when he finishes it writing.

Google says stuffing your article with such keywords at every corner is what seems to be appealing and looking like to be getting a better ranking; in fact, it turns out to have a bad user experience leading to the fall of your site’s ranking and audience.

 Mediocre content creation.

Content creation is an art, and creating quality content is much more toiling than it appears to be. Nowadays, there are many content creators available on every platform, but the quality of content is not everyone’s game; it takes time and patience to create unique and more interesting content engaging its audience to it till the end. The mediocre content creation and publishing it with backlinks no doubt gets you the ranking, but if that content is more quality-based and more intriguing, it will lead the site ranking way better.

Want more traffic to have more pages

It is a common misconception that having more pages of rubbish will give you more credit than having a small article length with more quality. Sometimes this concept (which the public has almost made a rule) holds its place, but most of the time it isn’t. the same applies to Seo content if you are creating content without having any actual meaning and making it of long lengths seems to be impressive, but it’s not.

Google is always making changes to the Seo and has already released an algorithm with the name of the panda, which not only looks at the site with poor content but also penalized the site resulting in a drop in the traffic and audience.

Text length is directly related to the ranking.

 If I am honest, this is not the case and has never been text length has never had any importance on the ranking, but quality does. Your content quality decides whether it is going to survive the long blows of the Seo or not. Seo agency  is very cruel when it comes to the context quality over length, teaching you the lesson to be learned for a long time if you made the content inappropriate and out of the topic relevancy.

Letting authorities republish your content!

You must stop right here; being getting references by the higher and leading authorities is good (if you are planning to stay behind them), but this lets them have the higher ranking because they have better content than you, leading to your site getting ranked behind them, thus, lowering your ranking on Seo which was the main goal (only if you had something other in your mind).

Having keywords that match exactly

Among other things that are not allowed to follow, this has more extreme results if you do follow it. Imagine, for instance, that you are writing an article and are working only on a keyword that was assigned to you to make the content of the article; imagine you put that keyword everywhere and in every corner of the article.

Now you are done writing the article, highlight your keyword and give it a glance; how would you feel about it now, after seeing such a gaudy article, would you think anyone would like it? Man, even you would hate yourself for doing it and ruining your time.

So, if you want to stuff your keyword do it but also manage some more keywords so that your article doesn’t look that gaudy, which it was before. Seo automatically reject such an article that is stuffed with the single keyword in every turn the article takes.


Working on the platform of Seo is one thing, but ignoring the basic rules of the Seo and not staying updated with it makes you question whether you are doing it right or just following the myths that are there, which have become totally obsolete. The mentioned rules are just a simple demonstration of everything that has been happening around the world.

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