The Top 10 Plagiarism Checkers Every Student Must Know About

top plagiarism checkers

Why Does Plagiarism Matter?

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can lead to expulsion from school. It’s important to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

There are several ways to check for plagiarism, including online tools and software programs. Some of the most popular plagiarism checkers for students are listed below.

What is the Best Plagiarism Checker for Students?

When searching for the best plagiarism checker for students, it’s important to consider the type of service you require. For students, the most important feature is whether or not the service can detect plagiarism from online sources, which is difficult to do manually.

There are a few criteria to consider when selecting the best plagiarism checker for students. It should be comprehensive, accurate, and reliable when it comes to detecting plagiarism. Additionally, the checker should also be user-friendly and offer additional features such as advising users on how to properly cite information.

Most of the top plagiarism checkers for students are free. This is convenient and allows students to check their work without having to invest in a costly subscription. Some of the best plagiarism checkers for students include Simplified Plagiarism Checker, Grammarly, ProWritingAid,, and Unicheck. All of these services offer comprehensive plagiarism detection and comprehensive scanning of online sources.

How to Use a Plagiarism Checker

Once you have determined the best plagiarism checker for your needs, the next step is to learn how to use it to effectively scan for plagiarism. Generally, these plagiarism checkers will allow you to upload documents, paste text, or copy and paste links.

The majority of plagiarism checkers accept multiple formats, such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt files. Check to see which formats are accepted by the checker you have chosen. Once you select the file, pressing the ‘check for plagiarism’ button will scan your document.

Depending on the type of checker you use, you may be shown where the plagiarism detected in the document came from. For example, some leading plagiarism checkers offer an in-depth analysis of the plagiarism found and the source from which it was copied.

Many of the top plagiarism checkers will also provide tips on how to properly cite information and techniques to avoid plagiarism. This helpful advice can help both students and professionals alike when it comes to correctly using sources.

The Top 10 Plagiarism Checkers for Students

When looking for a plagiarism checker, students have many options. The trick is to find one that best suits their needs and budget. Below is a review of the top 10 plagiarism checkers for students.

1. Simplified

Simplified Plagiarism Checker is an advanced plagiarism detection tool designed to scan the content of research papers, articles, and documents. It combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect any content copied from external sources. Simplified boasts a high degree of accuracy and can scan billions of web pages in just a few minutes.

Using AI Plagiarism Checker is easy. Just upload the content of your research paper or document into the tool and wait for the results. You can also preview the original content and the duplicate source with the help of this tool. Simplified’s advanced algorithms can detect even the slightest trace of copied content. It also provides detailed reports along with an originality score for each piece of content.

2. Turnitin

Turnitin is a popular plagiarism detection tool that is used by students, teachers, and professionals all over the world. It is considered to be one of the best and most reliable tools out there. Turnitin utilizes a database of millions of web pages, journal articles, eBooks, and other documents to identify any copied content.

Using Turnitin is simple. All you have to do is upload your document and enter the email address where you want the results to be sent. Turnitin will then scan your document for any plagiarism and deliver the results within minutes. With Turnitin, you can also track detailed information such as the percentage of non-originality, originality score, specific matches, and more. In addition, this tool also provides a comprehensive and detailed plagiarism report so you can take corrective action if necessary.

3. Copyscape

Copyscape is a potent platform for preventing and detecting plagiarism that can be used to find plagiarism in many kinds of writings. It’s rapidly becoming the go-to tool for many students, bloggers, and other writers who want to ensure the originality of their work.

The tool works by searching the internet for similar content to the document you upload and delivers a report with detailed information. The report will show you where the sources of the copied content come from, including book pages, ISBNs, and websites. With this information, you can take corrective action and ensure the originality of your work.

Copyscape also offers a trust seal that shows your readers that your content has been verified to be free from plagiarism. This will help to build trust with your readers and to demonstrate that you take the time to ensure the honesty and integrity of your work.

4. WriteCheck

WriteCheck is another top plagiarism detection tool. This unique solution uses powerful technology to identify any areas of text that may have been copied from other sources. It can help students to identify any areas that need to be revised or rewritten before submitting their papers.

WriteCheck provides a comprehensive report that contains in-depth analysis and detailed explanations. The report provides information about the content of the copy-pasted sections, potential sources, and the context in which the wording has been used. This makes it easier for students to identify why their work may have been flagged for plagiarism.

WriteCheck even has an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses natural language processing to help it more accurately assess the context of phrases and check for copied content. This ensures that students get the most accurate results with minimal effort.

5. Viper

Viper is an anti-plagiarism scanning and search technology that is used by universities around the world. Viper is a free-to-use service that enables universities to scan and compare student assignments against more than 10 billion online resources.

It offers a comprehensive report containing the text that has been flagged as potentially plagiarised, a list of potential sources the text could have been copied from, and a summary of phrases that have been used in each source. This comparison tool is invaluable when it comes to helping universities to identify and report acts of plagiarism.

Students can also use Viper to check their own work for plagiarism and ensure that they have all due credits and page numbers listed in the appropriate places. It is one of the easiest-to-use plagiarism checking tools available and can provide detailed feedback in a matter of seconds.

6. PlagScan

PlagScan is a plagiarism checking service that is designed with students in mind. It is easy to use and available to anyone for free. This service scans over 10 million web pages as well as journals and publications to detect potential plagiarism in your papers. It also provides citation information as part of the report. PlagScan is great for quickly checking an essay or paper for plagiarism without having to manually search for textual similarities.

PlagScan is an online essay and paper writing service that offers an entirely free plagiarism checking tool. Its algorithm is designed to quickly detect any similarities between essays or papers and billions of online resources, both published and unpublished. It not only identifies potential plagiarized text but also provides a detailed analysis of the sources from which potential plagiarism is derived. PlagScan is available to anyone for free and is a great option if you want to quickly check your work for plagiarism.

7. Chegg

Chegg is an online source of study materials for all levels of students and offers a free plagiarism checking service. Chegg’s plagiarism detection tool uses advanced algorithms to compare the text of a student’s paper to billions of online resources quickly. The results are presented in an easy-to-understand format that highlights any plagiarized text and provides the sources from which it was sourced. Chegg also provides citation information for resources used in the essay that has not been plagiarized. It is an excellent option for quickly detecting any plagiarism in your essay.

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most innovative and comprehensive plagiarism checking solutions on the market, Grammarly is a true all-in-one writing platform. Not only does it check for plagiarism, but it also flags up errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It is particularly good for days when you are distracted, as it can give you real-time advice and feedback as you are composing. Grammarly is free to use, though it does have subscription plans with additional features if needed.

9. SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a premium academic integrity and plagiarism checking tool from Blackboard. Millions of users around the world use it to check the originality of written papers, assignments, or essays. SafeAssign works by comparing your uploaded documents against millions of existing resources or even your own online repository of documents. It also has a similarity score feature to help you establish the percentage of original content in a document. It is available for both free and premium versions that let users detect gaps, typos, grammar errors, and more.

10. PlagiarismDetector

PlagiarismDetector is one of the top 10 plagiarism checkers for students available online. It is an automated online plagiarism checking tool designed to detect plagiarism and any similarity between two documents. With its advanced search engine, it can detect both intentional and unintentional plagiarism. It also highlights original and duplicate passages to help make better decisions.

It supports more than 20 languages, has an auto-detect feature, synonyms highlighting, and supports the use of templates for consistency across documents. It allows to import of documents in multiple formats and offers a quick report generation with results. It also generates detailed reports with citations and match percentage for a comprehensive review. For extra security, it stores all documents in an encrypted file with limited access.