How to track and measure your SEO results

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Searching for some of the correct ways to measure or track your SEO progress then you have come to the right place, as we are here to tell you some of the key elements you can look upon to measure your SEO results.

When you want to attract high-quality traffic to your website you need to be great at Search engine optimization. When your website appears at the top within a search you gain more visibility online. SEO is a very important part of your online marketing strategy and learning how to track or measure if your results can be very vital to your success.

Without tracking your SEO progress or results, you will be wandering around blindly, and creating content with no real idea will impact your business negatively.

To check your SEO rankings and results you can use many online tools and search engines like Google, provide some tools that can help maximize your website’s impact.

There are some essential metrics you need to track because there are hundreds of metrics that impact how your website ranks according to the Google search algorithm. You can measure just a few key metrics and that will help in guiding your online marketing strategy.

Here are some of the essential metrics you can use to measure your SEO progress or results:

Keyword ranking:

Any term that is searched through search engines and gives a results page is considered as a keyword. To achieve a good keyword ranking your content must be optimized to be outranked from other results for the same keyword. To gain a better understanding of which keyboards you should use and how competitive they are you can use Google’s free keyword planning tool. For any keyword you are choosing the goal must be to rank on the first page and close to as top as possible on the search results. Pictures people always click on the very first search result.

SERP visibility:

For each keyword Google generates a search engine page result that is also known as SERP. Some of the SERP features include:

  • Also asked questions
  • Knowledge panels
  • Videos
  • Reviews

You can track this metric by conducting a Google search for your relevant keywords and check the available SERP features for you.

Organic traffic

when a potential customer searches something using a word, string of keywords, or a question they get a result page. The list of results displays Google ads as well as pages related to the query. The number of visitors who are finding your website from search engine results is known as organic traffic.

Visitors finding your website through organic search resources is a strong indication that your SEO strategy is working. A high rate of organic traffic is good for business because searchers always look for a specific product or service and if you are providing what they are looking for then there’s a good chance that you will be able to give new and loyal customers.

CTR for Click-through rate

The CTR is determined by the percentage of users clicking on your website after landing on the search engine results page list. For example, if your brand is appearing 1500 times within a week and 150 people are clicking on your website then your click-through rate will be 10%.

Measuring your click-through rate is an excellent way to track engagement with your meta description, gain insight on how attractive your website is to searches, and determine how effective your title tags are.

Bounce rate: the bounce rate mainly measures the percentage of visitors who are leaving your site without engaging after their first click. The first thing that should be kept in mind is that converting website visitors into customers and according to Google analytics a visit is only counted when the user interacts with more than one landing page.

If you are tracking your bounce rate it can help in in data mining positive and negative insert in points such as-

  • The ease of your website design.
  • The attractiveness of your content.
  • The efficacy of your lead magnets.


Backlinks are very powerful when you are optimizing for your SEO. Use SEO tools to track your backlinks as keeping tabs on your active backlinks is a great way to increase your content marketing strategies to positively impact your SEO results.

Time spent on page: You can track the average time your potential clients are spending on your website with the help of Google Analytics. This tool can help you to explore each page of a website individually and also you can discover what are the key points of your site that are attracting visitors for the longest time. The amount of time that is being desired by visitors to spend on each page always depends upon the content.

SEO strategy is never complete because you can continue to improve your website and SEO to increase website traffic. With good attention and a good resource strategy, you can start seeing results within several months and see your website creating a meaningful change, and thus it is important to measure your SEO results

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