February 22, 2024

New PS5 about to launch in United Kingdom

next PS5 console

I’ve made a wide assortment of PS5’s on Youtube. They’re all there, my most recent videos are released last week, on the PS4. I’ve being playing Call Of Duty. I know it’s not everyone’s uni game of choice, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the new fresh experience. So what is everyone up to and what are they playing?

The PS4 is due for an upgrade from it’s current model in March 2019, an unknown date then leads to speculation on what Sony will bring with them with their next PS5 console. As we wait for more information on this, here are some interesting developments we may not have realized.

Sony’s hardware partners are starting to show signs of real progress, as vendors like AMD and the x86 team are working on the new machine.

Video games industry analyst Michael Pachter knows Sony’s future well. He says ‘There is a lot going on behind the curtain’, after some hints in a recent interview with CNET News.

‘I would be shocked if it was not built by AMD or that it doesn’t use AMD silicon. It’s been a very long time since Sony built a computer. GPUs have become massive markets and the only way to make money in the games business is to own the graphics hardware.’

Michael Pachter also had some interesting quotes regarding Sony’s future. ‘I can’t see why they would ever let a third party manufacture their next console. Sony’s future is in the cloud and hybrid gaming. The Vita is dead, the PS4 is dead, stop saying that. The world doesn’t work like that.’

A big question for many people will be what Sony will do about memory and specs. Pachter thinks a 512GB hard drive may be the answer to this. ‘I think they’ll have a hard drive of 1TB or more’ he says, clearly excited about what could be coming next with Sony.

So what is Sony’s next move coming? David Shannon, a Senior Analyst at Gartner, also believes there could be big changes on the way for Sony, particularly in regards to their hardware partners. ‘The lead time on new off-the-shelf silicon is shrinking. The only thing I don’t see coming from AMD or Intel is support for virtual reality.’

It seems that 2018 could be a momentous year for Sony, with the introduction of their new machine speculated to take place possibly late 2018. According to analyst Michael Pachter, there is a high chance that Sony will try and partner with AMD for their next console.

The latest reports coming from the Wall Street Journal in the U.S. suggest that Sony looks set to abandon the PlayStation 4. The company is reported to be considering launching its new gaming device as early as September 2019, following weak sales of the current model.

What this probably means is Sony will abandon the PlayStation 4 family of consoles, and start a whole new series. The last consoles in the series are both due to be replaced in 2019.

The report cites sources close to the matter, who say that Sony is looking at launching its next console around September 2019. However there’s no signs as yet how many models it will keep on offer, just that it’s looking at expanding its range beyond two platforms.

Plans also suggest that the console will be compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox One platform, which may come as a shock to some. It’s already happened with the Nintendo Switch, where users can swap between the two systems.

The PS5 is set to be a monster of a machine when it launches. Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 has already entered the final stages of development, which means it’s probably going to drop sooner than you might think.

Experts expect PS5 to be released in late 2019 or 2020 but there is no official date yet or price. The new PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with PS4 so you can play your favorite game on the latest machine.

It’s also expected that the PS5 will have a storage capacity of 100GB while its GPU (graphics processing unit) will be more powerful than current models. This is because it has to support 4K graphics and gaming at 120Hz refresh rate, up from 40Hz on the PS4 Pro.