How to best digital Marketing Services?

best digital marketing services

Customers are to a company, what sand to the desert. Without them, we will be doomed. But getting a client is not easy, and earning their trust is more difficult and much more important. In this article we are going to see how we can get new clients if we dedicate ourselves to digital marketing and what we must do to earn their trust with our work.

Before going out to the streets to look for clients, it is convenient to define what our objectives are as a company, what our differential value is, what product or service we offer and what the customer profile that we want to attract is. Otherwise, we would sail aimlessly.

First of all we are going to define what “a client” is.

1 What is a customer?

2 How to win new clients if you dedicate yourself to digital marketing?

3.1 7 actions that will help you get new clients

4. How to get them to accept your proposal?

5. How to win the trust of a customer?

6.1 Main reasons why customers are lost.


By customer we understand that legal or natural person that requires services or products and, in exchange for a consideration, another person or company offers them.

It should be noted that not all clients are for you. As best digital marketing services look for those clients that best align with your experience and with the objectives of your company. Nothing happens to say “no” to those projects that you do not feel qualified to tackle, do not motivate you or is not the “type of client” your company is targeting.

In digital marketing, a customer is not a friend. Not even a friend should be a customer.

It is also important to note that a customer is not a friend. Not even a friend should be a customer. You will only lose a friend and a client. Better, recommend a colleague. In time, they will thank you.

Once this point is clear, it is time to start fishing for fish, to look for clients.


Especially if you are starting up, it is very important to do “new business”. And it is not easy. In addition, it is usually an unpleasant job that requires a lot of dedication and does not always bear the desired results. But it is absolutely necessary to do it, and to do it well, for our project to advance and grow. It is also important to diversify. That is, do not depend solely on one or two clients. If so, your future will depend on them. Let’s see some actions we can take to win new customers.


Digital marketing. It is assumed that as a digital marketing consultant you are able to help companies generate business through the Internet. So, apply the tale! Your company is the first client you have to work for. Draw up a digital marketing plan whose main objective is to get new customers, and execute it.

Among the different tools to apply, SEO positioning, optimal management of your social networks or planning advertising campaigns in social media, are, from experience, the best strategy to generate new business.

Network. Networking is not handing out business cards. It is building a network of contacts based on mutual trust. For this, honesty is the primary ingredient.

Help and they will help you. It is said that whoever gives more, receives more. And so it is. Help others without expecting anything in return and you will see how that “help” comes back to you multiplied.

Recommendations. Your good work is undoubtedly your best business card. If your clients are happy with your work, they will refer you and thanks to them you will get new clients.

Organize free workshops for potential clients, for example restaurant managers. They must be about a topic that you know well and that is useful to them. Not a “self-talk” talk. In addition to making yourself known, it is a magnificent showcase to demonstrate your expertise. You’ll see how many of the attendees ask you for a proposal in a short time.


Having met the legal requirements, it is advisable to plan e-mailing actions to those who have previously asked you for a quote or have been clients. It is a good strategy to keep in touch and to keep you in mind when they require the services of an expert in digital marketing. Yes indeed. The content of the mailing must be of interest, for example, an e-book where you explain how to register a business in Google My Business. Not a purely commercial email.


Once you have gotten a potential client to contact you and request a proposal comes the second part, no less easy: getting you to be the chosen one. Let’s see how to achieve it.

Listen, listen and speak. Customers want to be heard. They know what they want to achieve, but they do not know how to achieve it. That is why they need you. Let them talk and tell you everything about their company, their product or their brand. And when they are done, explain why you are the best professional to help them achieve their goals. Remember that if we have two ears and one mouth, it is for something.

Detailed budget.

After meeting, and as soon as possible, prepare a budget where the actions you propose to achieve the set objectives are detailed with the utmost accuracy and without ambiguity.

Personalized offers. Each project is different; therefore, each proposal is different. Forget about promotional packs of 5 posts a week for 50 Euros! This just denotes that you work without strategizing.

Deliver the proposal at a meeting. Whenever possible, hand it out and explain it. If not, send it by email and call to explain it. I assure you that most of the time they dismiss a budget because they do not understand what it includes.

Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be who you are not. That’s clear. Be natural and behave as you are. Avoid nervousness, over-acting, or hesitation.

Give examples of your work. In digital marketing, it is very easy to show your good work and your experience with results.


In Digital Marketing, it is more important to retain a customer than to get a new one.

Well, you have already approved the proposal and now it is a matter of getting to work and giving your best every day so that the contractual relationship is prosperous and lasting. To achieve this, I suggest you keep these points always very present.

Once the budget is approved, write the agreement in writing. That is, prepare a contract and sign it for both parties. It must clearly and unequivocally explain what the contracted work consists of and the terms in which it must be carried out. What is not reflected in it is not presupposed. If you want to know how to prepare a contract, I will explain it to you here.

Make a plan.

 Make a tentative timing of the execution deadlines of the campaign work. This way the client will feel calmer and will not be constantly asking you how the project is going.

Meet the deadlines. Customers highly value punctuality. This will show your interest in the project.

Don’t give away your job. Everything that is not included in the budget is budgeted separately. It is common for clients to ask you for work outside of budget or contract. And it is also common that, some, assume that you are not going to charge them for this. Before you start doing it, tell them what the budget for it is. If they do not accept it, nothing happens, it is not done. Remember this saying: “The gift, neither grateful nor paid.”

Exceed expectations. Always do more than the client expects in terms of quality of work and results, not tasks. Always seek excellence!

Maintain a good relationship with the customer. Take an interest in him and his company. You don’t have to be a better service provider. You have to be a collaborator, someone who is part of their project and who is willing to help them grow.

Learn to say no. You do not have to know how to do everything, nor do you have to do everything. Clients, believe it or not, will appreciate that you respect yourself and know how to set your limits as a professional.


Customers are not eternal. And much less in digital marketing. It is normal for your client portfolio to be renewed periodically, although it is also normal for some clients to become an indispensable part of your company. Let’s look at some examples of why a customer is lost.

They hire another. You thought your client was very happy with you but one day he met someone more handsome than you and… Your client left with him! This is why it is so important to retain him and earn his trust.

Change of head of marketing or communication. It turns out that the company you work for dismisses your link and decides to hire someone else. And this new one chooses to dispense with your services and hire his “trust agency”.

Reduction of investment or closure of the company. Despite all the efforts, the company does not prosper and is forced to reduce expenses, and the investment for digital marketing is considered expendable. Or even worse, the company closes.

They do it themselves. It does not mean that they are not happy with your work.