November 30, 2023

Top Fashion Influencers in India 

Top Fashion Influencers in India 

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Fashion is not a straight arrow – it twists, turns, adapts, and evolves. Fashion can be all-encompassing, universal, or individualistic.

An individual’s view of what Fashion is and what it means to them can be simple or complex depending on the influence of several environmental factors. For some, fashion means following trends designed to make one feel part of a larger group. For some, Fashion is a means to express their inner self, vastly different from what is socially accepted. For some, Fashion is rooted In their culture and beliefs. While for some, Fashion equates to comfort. From the combination of clothes, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup is born something that personifies you – that’s Fashion. 

Many who belong to the groups above have capitalized on the expansion of social media to propagate their ideas on Fashion to a global audience. We call them fashion Influencers. They are recognized for having recognizable online communities that support them at every step. Top Indian fashion influencers attend exclusive fashion events, flaunt outfits inspired by personal styles, create online content, and collaborate with fashion and Lifestyle brands on promotional campaigns. Their actions directly impact the country’s fast fashion industry growth, which is $15.63 billion strong.

After carefully analyzing data provided by the influencer marketing company, we have arrived at the list of leading fashion Influencers in India. 

Top Fashion Instagram Influencers in India 

Komal Pandey 

Komal was destined to make it big in Fashion at a young age. The rising star started her blog called “the college contour,” where she talked about new fashion trends and news at length. She received world acclamation for her work which compelled the Indian fashion influencer to become a full-time social media content creator. Komal’s work is directed at spreading fashion awareness and understanding. She’s often collaborating with fellow Influencers and celebrities on campaigns directed at women’s empowerment. News and media outlets have covered her success story. Several fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Forbes have featured Komal’s many contributions. As one of the top Fashion Influencers in India, Komal learns from her experience to present the best content to her audience.

Rajvee Gandhi 

From being a young girl inspired by Fashion to becoming one of India’s most followed Fashion Influencers, Rajvee Gandhi has come a long way, and she is not stopping anytime soon. The beautiful and talented fashionista revolutionized Indian Fashion with her unique style and perception. She can put together amazing outfits and understand your fashionista. Rajvee’s diverse community of fashion enthusiasts has brought a ton of engagement to the Influencer’s social media posts. What can you expect from Rajvee’s social media activities? Various outfits of different colors and sizes. Traditional and modern Fashion, Accessory display, styling tips, and hacks. Diy, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes.

Kritika Khurana 

The progenitor of the famous fashion blog “That boho girl” is now enthralling everyone with her outfit of the day, DIY, and other amazingly crafted and curated fashion content. Meet Kritika Khurana, one of India’s most talented and inspiring Fashion Influencers, who can help you pick the style that matches your personality and attitude. The famous model has become a go-to source for fashion and styling tips – in addition to an array of clothing and accessories on Instagram. Kritika is contributing immensely to women’s empowerment and breaking fashion stereotypes. She has worked with top Fashion and beauty organizations on several promotional campaigns. Throughout the years, this Indian fashion influencer has been graced with multiple awards and recognitions.

Jubin Shah 

Jubin Shah is a key figure in the male Fashion, styling, and grooming niche. The popular Indian fashion influencer started on TikTok, where he posted frequent videos. Jubin has good looks and personality to go with his amazing fashion sense, which he flaunts on different social media platforms. 

Jubin Shah has a strong presence on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. The model has immense popularity in the Indian fashion community thanks to his deep understanding of growing trends. Jubin understands the needs of his target demographic and creates content to address their issues. The fashion influencer has collaborated with many celebrities and artists. He has been the face of several fashion and lifestyle brands.

Aashna Shroff 

Hailing from Mumbai, Aashna Shroff is an internet sensation known for her unique fashion sense and outfit selections. Aashna has experimented with multiple styles over the years, which have given her a pristine understanding of Fashion that traverses time, borders, and culture. Fashion enthusiasts flock to her for their every need, making Aashna Shroff one of India’s most followed Fashion Influencers – recognized by top brands Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, and L’Oreal.

Aashna Shroff has graced the ramps of fashion shows worldwide. She is collaborated with celebrities and has been featured on the covers of renowned magazines. On Instagram, you will be one of India’s top fashion Influencers traveling and displaying unique outfits, fashion products, and accessories. 

Aayushi Verma 

Aayushi Verma has established herself as one of the key pillars in the Indian fashion community with remarkable fashion knowledge and experience. Young fashionistas look up to Aayushi for their outfit selections and grooming tips. Many try to replicate the styles Aayushi flaunts on Instagram. A gorgeous display of different styles coupled with a high-quality factor makes Ayushi’s Instagram page one of the most visited ones on Instagram. She has something for every body type and viewer preference.

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