December 7, 2023

Rank Your Website #1 On Google With These Simple Strategies

Rank Your Website

Rank Your Website

When operating in the digital space, it becomes almost necessary to know Google rankings. As a digitally operating website, Google poses as the best search engine for reaching out to the audience. And any Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi would try to leverage a few tactics that will have their clients rank on the first few pages of the Google search results.

As Google is at the pinnacle of these search engine platforms, most audience traffic comes from it. However, even though you make it to Google, there is no use of it if the ranking is far below, taking the user to further pages. Audiences usually tend to collect information from the first few pages and don’t take time to go through the other pages stacked under it.

The race is on for the top spot and the featured snippet on the first page. These two things are the most desired constructs of digital marketing. Of course, there is always a chance of getting both at the same time, but quite a bit of hard work goes behind the digital screens. In case you have been wondering how to achieve this phenomenal feat, we have prepared a list of things you can start upon.

Choosing The Right Keyword For Ranking

First and foremost, you will need the Best SEO Services in India to figure out a specific keyword or a group of keywords that can get your site noticed. As your site is visible and crawlers can match up your page with searches, it is only a matter of time before the website ranks among the first few pages. The website owner must always stay prepared and aware of the industry’s keywords changes and search intent. These things must be updated once in a while to keep up the ranking position.

Search Intent Update

As mentioned earlier, search intent is a vital aspect to consider to blend in with Google’s current trend. Google is a search engine, and it is more concerned about the searchers and finding the correct answer to any question rather than boosting up the sales of the business platforms. Hence, the keywords, posts, and overall content relevancy has to match what the audience might be looking for. If the website can crack this bit, it will also get recognized by Google.

On-Page SEO Improvisation

When hiring the Best SEO Company in India, you might be aware of SEO but not knowledgeable enough to manage it. On-Page SEO is specifically designed to submit to the search intent of all audiences. Some critical notes include relevant headlines or tags, compelling title tags and interesting meta descriptions, descriptive URLs, and compressed images to not tamper with the page loading speed.

Establishing Internal Links To Other Pages

The Google ranking system can be used smartly by a single website to rank multiple pages simultaneously. This feat is achievable by establishing an internal link between two or more pages on the same website. Internal links are very much like easter eggs for the audience and allow the website to showcase more content they have created. These will lead them to further content published on the site, increasing their reach.

Get A Few Backlinks

Any Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi will be a step ahead in the backlinking portion, as they already know how challenging it can get. Moreover, these companies usually have contacts that earn them backlinks easily. However, without contacts or references, the website has to approach other sites that will judge the content on your platform and decide whether they are worth a backlink. So, the convincing portion made it a lot more ambiguous.

Merging Similar Pages 

Updating content once in a while is a necessary thing to do for all websites. However, as a website age, you will find similar content and posts just eating up space and slowing down the overall speed. This problem can be easily averted by merging similar items if they make sense. Mainly in the case of articles and blogs, you can eventually tie them all under one page, giving your audience a complete guide to the subject.

Keeping Track Of The Ranking

To have a successful website with ranked content, keeping a tab on the rankings is crucial. When you are hungry for the top position, you are sure to look through the things your opponent has been up to. This includes the top pages featured on Google above your website and ranking factors. The ranking factors allow the website to perfect its own SEO plan and be at the top.


Google ranking is a mix of hard work and a bit of luck. In the last decade, Google has introduced several ranking criteria, which have changed and shaped the searches in the advanced state we see now. This upgrade has also forced the website to match the changes by hiring the Best SEO Company in India. The ranking will be crucial as Google continues to lead among search engines.