Image SEO Involves to Boost your Site Traffic

image seo

The procedure of optimizing the images on your webpage so they are convenient for search engines to find and “read”, inevitably upgrades the perceptibility and position of the content in search engines, and Google is known as Image SEO. To increase the traffic rate on your webpage you can use SVG to pdf converter by to convert images from vectors to pdf then you are required to optimize images to maintain the quality and minimize the size of the image. Image SEO involves the factors like the type of image, load time, size, and your utilization and optimizing alt text and keywords in filenames of image.

Image SEO boosts the site traffic if a few steps are taken. You require more than just one type of optimization if you want to boost your site traffic.

On-Page SEO

You might be familiar with this type of SEO. All the things visitors will see on your websites are involved in On-Page optimization of the image that will boost up the site traffic Successful on-page SEO is constructed on high-quality, instructional content. It must not be just a little informative, it must-have solutions for the problems that others are not solving or do that better than other websites. Add keywords to increase traffic on your website. SVG, a scalable vector graphic that is graphically based for the web is defined as SVG. You can utilize an SVG file to pdf file converter for proper optimization of images that makes images responsive to all devices. Make sure that keywords are used properly and content written is amazing.

Off-Page SEO

Obtaining links to your site aids take in visitors, and it manifests to google that other people are worth your content around google and proves your site is approved. Links obtained from authoritative sites can make a big distinction in the rankings of the website.

Select the Right Format

There are many image formats to select from but the most usual are png and jpeg for the web. You can convert SVG to pdf files too to maintain a better resolution as SVG images are scalable vector graphic images so they need to be optimized then.


Png generates finer quality images, but the size of the file remains the same. To increase the traffic on your website use SVG to pdf converter to maintain the quality of the image. Svg to pdf converter can be wielded to sustain image resolution and compress them before uploading so the quality of the image also is maintained.

Compress your Images

Always compress your image before uploading it to your website as if it is not compressed it will take time to be loaded and the user doesn’t have the time to stay on the same page. So best image optimization is done to boost the traffic on your web if your image is properly compressed keeping the quality the same.

Unique Images Creation

Use unique images that look original even if you have a perfectly optimized stock of images they will not boost traffic if they are not looking natural.  By using optimized original Images, your experience will also be better.

Image File Name Optimization

For image research ranking and page SEO, the selection of the right name for the file is more important. Name the file with pertinent, illustrative keywords to obtain the most SEO rankings before uploading an image file.

Final Words

 Keep these methods to boost your website in mind if you want your content to be noticed. These optimization techniques will increase the traffic rate and improve the likability of your content.