How to create your personal brand through social media

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Social media is one of the least expensive marketing tools you can use to grow your business and spread awareness about your brand. 

Creating a personal brand on social media is a highly preferred method towards building or promoting your business. It also opens doors for healthy interaction with potential customers and understanding their likes, interests, and dislikes. 

This helps businesses gather more information about their target audience and create a more engaging and effective marketing campaign, to attract new clients. Several platforms provide you with key demographics of your frequent visitors, providing you an in-depth insight into your potential clients.

Content creation on various is also beneficial for enhancing your SEO on your company website. An active social media presence and a good engagement rate help your google ranking rise, alluring more online visitors to your website. 

Other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, here are 5 platforms where you can create and market your personal brand, without investing much- 

  • Quora

Quora is a popular platform for brands and professionals wanting to showcase their expertise, authenticity and build their personal brand. 

  • Reddit

A collection of forums, where people can express their opinions through comments, and votes as well as share interesting content. 

  • Medium

Medium is a renowned website for publishing and reading articles on a plethora of topics. 

  • Pinterest 

You can share more about your brand globally by uploading informational, and aesthetically pleasing photos of your products or services via Pinterest. 

  • Youtube 

A popular platform for creating your own channel and sharing informative, or entertainment videos as per your brand’s niche. 

You have several social media platforms where you can build your brand, free of cost. But to gain a respectable following of your expertise, and earn benefits from it, you need to follow these 5 steps!

Maintain consistency

Being consistent with your content is the most important step of building a brand on social media. Posting informative and entertaining content every day is significant for gaining followers, generating leads, and spreading awareness about your products and services, through the platform. 

Providing complete and accurate information about your business and authentic content is on priority no matter how popular your brand is. It is impossible to trust or follow a brand that does not provide genuine information. 

Maintaining your social media handle is also essential if you are trying to draw an image of the brand online. The audience frames their opinions through the content you post on your handle. Updating your page with new graphics, videos, launches, and campaigns is a great way to do so.

Area of expertise

Choosing an area of expertise, or a niche is needed when you want to build a brand on social media. Content can consist of encyclopedic information, reviews, self-help and DIYs or a diversified content plan consisting of a little bit of all. 

 To carve out a niche, it is important to experiment with different kinds of topics that are relevant to your brand, at the beginning. You can choose an expertise after seeing which kind of content is most popular with your target audience. 

Engaging content

Engaging content basically answers the question of what attracts your audience to your posts. Any content that adds value, is entertaining, relatable and informative can be engaging to your customers. 

The key to such content is to consistently keep your audience in mind while creating, or designing content. 

Referring to audience preferences and paying heed to social signals- likes, shares, comments help most creators come up with engaging content for their social channels. 

Participate in forums 

Joining the right groups and forums can introduce you to your potential customers, or simply open your doors to a new target audience. All social media platforms have chat rooms, and groups for debates, discussions or simply sharing valueable information. Joining and actively participating in these groups can help you market your business to the right people. 

Find influencers 

Influencer marketing is referred to brands approaching digital content creators who have a huge following of their own, to use their products and give an honest, positive review on their social media handles. Influencer endorsements help businesses gain more customers, and painting a reliable, trusted brand image. 


Social media is an important communication tool, and a significant component of digital marketing. However, it is understandable that creating suitable content for different social media platforms is difficult while managing a business. For this, reaching out to a content writing company is like taking a step towards building your brand online. So why delay? Start creating content today!