Tips to Increase Profits for Small Business Owners during Lockdown

small business owners

Businesses are bound to have ups and downs, but the COVID-19 epidemic has significantly affected small business owners. The lockdown has given certain sectors a fresh lease of life regarding income generation. In contrast, almost 80% of worldwide business owners struggle to make ends meet.

Customers’ online support is expanding in the service, medical and grocery industries. Other businesses, such as real estate, banking, legal advising, manufacturing, banking, transportation, entertainment, education, and others, will need at least a year to recoup their losses.

If you operate a small business that the lockout has severely impacted, here are 9 things you can do to boost profitability.

1.Make a Monthly Plan to Achieve Your Objectives

Aimless execution is unlikely to provide a positive outcome. Create a goal based on calculating your resources, potential, finances, and other essential factors before taking any action. You may choose the method and quantity of targeted clients to approach, as well as the expected income in large amounts.

2.Existing Customers Can Be Retargeted

Prepare your current clients’ papers from hard copies, Excel, emails, discs, and other sources. Then, using newsletters, SMS, or sponsored efforts, retarget them with attractive offers. Clients may re-evaluate your profile for new projects since you have previously established trust with them.

3.Get References

To produce new prospects with references, marketing will do wonders. You may contact previous clients by social media, email, phone, or chat and request at least 2-3 recommendations from their connections. In exchange, you might reward current customers with freebies.

4.Quote a Reasonable Price for Bulk Work 

You may create a unique plan to provide a mix based on the capabilities of your team and resources. Customers are constantly looking for the most cost-effective solutions. Offering quantity work at a lower price will help you attract more clients and boost your total revenue.

5.Find Projects for Freelance Work

The COVID-19 lockdown has altered how people work and complete tasks. It assists business owners in obtaining high-quality work from remote workers at a minimal cost. To take advantage of the opportunity, join freelancing projects relevant to your industry and bid at a competitive fee to acquire assignments.

6.Office Space for Rent

The expense of office leasing is difficult to bear for new businesses. They discover a way to conduct their business out of a little section of an existing office. If you have a large office space but some rooms are unoccupied during the lockdown, you may work with entrepreneurs to rent them out.

7.Hiring Remote Workers Saves Money

The most difficult scenario in a pandemic is paying workers’ salaries. Regardless of the company’s earnings, it is an obligation to pay the employees on time. As a small business owner, you can hire freelancers to replace some of your full-time staff. This selection will allow you to deduct a portion of your income and only pay remote employees for completing certain assignments. You may always use a VPN, like a VPN for Windows, to access freelancing markets in other countries to save even more money.

8.Contact Influencers for Promotion 

It isn’t easy to advertise your firm using traditional marketing methods to attract new contracts during the lockdown. Why don’t you use the new influencers on YouTube channels, blogging platforms, and social media to market your business?

You can narrow down profiles with 100,000 or more followers and negotiate with them to conclude agreements. As a small business owners, it’s a good idea to start with tiny influencers before approaching the more well-known ones.

9.Focus on Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, is a new way to reach out to prospective consumers to increase conversion rates. If you haven’t yet reaped the rewards of online marketing, set aside a portion of your earnings.

The most successful method for generating new leads for businesses is to use services like forums, SEO, paid advertising, automated mail, and blogging.


Small business owners will find it difficult to survive during a lockdown, but if you use the suggestions above, you will earn a considerable profit. Once you’ve seen an increase in income, you may repeat the strategy by examining all of the components, as well as your working style and performance. Determine which activities result in a profit and which are beneficial for your long-term success. Based on your company report, put your efforts and investment into the best-performing marketing plan.