March 2, 2021

Instagram Marketing and new trends

instagram marketing

Instagram is a platform to promote products and reach customers through photos and videos, giving companies and brands the opportunity to introduce products quickly, uniquely, and creatively to attract and Reach customers at a deeper level.

Instagram application in marketing

Create compelling content

Content is not the main focus in Instagram, but to optimize the use of images, text also contributes a small part.

Some tips for owning pieces of content that attract followers on Instagram:

  • Use short advertising sentences: Short but must be attractive, although you can write long but use short paragraphs that stop at 200 characters is best suited. Instead of writing long, sit back and filter down the most expensive and interesting words and phrases to convey to the readers.
  • Offering attractive benefits: Customers only care about the product or service that benefits them, regardless of the components and superior features of the product. If the image catches the eye of the customer, now your description must definitely be used to make the customer understand the value and benefits you bring to the user.
  • Time-limited discounts and offers: This is what excites viewers to take action for its benefit and urgency. Customers like a discount when buying more or less, they often expect freeship no matter what they buy. In addition to the time limit, it stimulates users to act immediately instead of hesitating to think.
  • Set prices right in the description if you’re selling: If you’re selling a product or service, set the price right in your description. The interaction might not be as expected, but the conversion rate is much higher.
  • Free should be highlighted: If you run a campaign and have a free element in it make sure that there is a free term in your description. And some phrases like gifts offer… also stimulate the user equally.
  • Call to Action is indispensable: In any situation, just need to support customer behavior, Call to action is the most important thing. Some words that you can refer to: Try now, Learn more, Buy now, Register, Read now, Discover … Before Call, to Action, you can add a bit of urgency by making viewers understand that your deals or promotions only take place for a certain amount of time. To urge them to make a decision immediately.

Strategies for photos/videos on Instagram

The secret to taking photos

  • See life through the squares: Currently, when the photography application of mobile phones is becoming more and more intelligent, it is easy for you to choose the square mode when taking pictures. However, if your image layout is not in a square, do not worry, Instagram now allows users to post images in portrait or landscape mode if you choose the format before uploading. content up.
  • Set the subject according to the ⅓ rule: This is often called the “golden ratio” in the photography world. Currently, in most mobile devices or cameras have grid mode (grid), dividing the frame into 9 equal parts, making it easy for the photographer to place the subject in the image. to your “golden ratio”. The subjects will be placed on grid lines or on their intersection point to add depth and impact to the image.
  • Symmetry: The symmetrical picture really appeals to the perfect believers and it creates a sense of balance for the viewer. In fact, this composition is very common in life, and symmetry is referenced by one axis (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), creating a harmonious, orderly, and aesthetic. .
  • Get creative with different perspectives and take advantage of “navigation lines“: Normally, we always see the subject in the right direction, now you can try taking it in many different angles like from above shooting high down, shooting from below, or shooting at an angle of the subject. By making small changes in this angle, you will see the difference and easily select the best angles for your photos.
  • In addition, combine the lines in your photos, which can be natural elements, such as paths, dotted lines, or lines of trees that extend the view to the main subject. Often referred to as “navigational lines,” it helps draw the viewer’s eye to whatever subject you want them to focus on in the image.
  • Zoom in detail: For businesses that sell products, make the most of close-up images to bring out the texture, size, and color of the subject clearly. Because most users access Instagram on mobile devices, with such a small interface, the close-up images of details will be highly appreciated.
  • Color scheme: The most attractive color scheme is still two contrasting colors, the bright subject will have a dark background if the subject is dark the background will be bright. Two colors hot and cold contrast with each other will highlight the subject in your photos. And in product photography, a white background is always the optimal choice.

Create compelling Instagram stories

  • Sticker: In the Sticker section, in addition to expressing emotions with the cute and colorful stickers available on Instagram, you can ask your customers questions so they can answer in the Story itself. This is a useful, natural way of interacting with your brand and is a great way to start a quick conversation with your fans and customers. You can also use this feature to create a poll, which can easily improve your products and services better.
  • Boomerang, Focus, Superzoom, Rewind, Text, and Live modes: You can use them to make your Instagram Story content fresh. For example, using Boomerang to create repetition for an interesting action to attract viewers.
  • “Swipe up” feature: With this feature, businesses can redirect traffic to their website, however, it is only available to verified Instagram accounts (local accounts). get a green tick), or business accounts with more than 10,000 followers only. The call to action here is usually Learn more, Install now, Buy now, View more … when users swipe up they will be redirected to a specific website.
  • Stories highlight: Stories on the story will disappear after 24 hours of posting, so Instagram provides the Feature feature so we can store our important stories in our profile. when expired. This will help followers who can’t see your news to review it later. The breaking news also allows you to group related stories together into an album for users to easily follow.

Instagram Video

  • Choose an impressive thumbnail to attract interaction with users. When you post a video, the thumbnail will be displayed before you click to watch the video. That means you have to attract viewers with this avatar. Must be attractive, new users click to see!
  • Choose videos that are viral and have high engagement rates. This only happens when this video is relevant to the viewer, they find themselves and the people involved in it.
  • When using video to communicate on Instagram for products and services, you need to make sure that the video has enough sub accompanying so that viewers who do not turn on the speaker can still understand the content of the video.
  • In addition, Instagram also features Livestream very similar to Facebook. When Livestream Instagram actively proposes to all your followers, the interaction rate is certainly much higher than that of Facebook. However, the Livestream feature has not been paid much attention to this platform.


  • You can use IGTV to expand your reach and influence on Instagram with long videos like those on Youtube.

With IGTV, you cannot record live video on this app, you must upload external video files to your channel. And the people who are following your Instagram page will automatically follow your IGTV channel. IGTV also often recommends many related videos for users on the app, so you will have the opportunity to distribute your video to new users who are interested in content similar to the topics they watched.

Instagram ad

Business sites can use paid advertising on Instagram to reach the right target audience. Instagram advertising is similar to other types of ads on Social Media, it is affixed with the word “Sponsored” under the username, which is used to raise brand awareness, promote interaction and traffic, increase conversion rates and from there grow your business with an effective advertising.

Basically, advertising on Instagram has a way to create identical to ads on Facebook except in ad position, how to create and manage Facebook Ads accounts as well as linking Facebook accounts to Instagram, or how to optimize. Ads you can refer to in 2 books published by MediaZ: Facebook Marketing 4.0 and Instagram – Branding and sales solutions.

Advertising goals on Instagram

  • The level of brand awareness
  • Number of people approaching
  • Traffic (for website or app store clicks for your app).
  • Number of application installs
  • Interact (only for post-interaction)
  • Number of video views
  • Conversions (for on-site or in-app conversions)
  • Search for potential customers

Basic Instagram advertising information we need to remember:

  • Instagram ads (photos or videos) will appear between the regular content stream in the Newsfeed of the target user on the Instagram app.
  • Types of advertising: Instagram Image Ads (Image ads), Instagram Video Ads (Video ads), Instagram Carousel Ads (Revolving Ads), Instagram Stories Ads (In-News Ads)
  • Ads can be created in a square or horizontal format.
  • All ads will have a Call to Action button and will be linked.
  • The recommended image size for Instagram ads in square format is 1080 x 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio for Instagram ads in square format is 1: 1. If you use landscape format, your images or videos will have an aspect ratio of 1.9: 1. Video ads must be no longer than 30 seconds or no larger than 30 MB.
  • The caption you use for Instagram ads will appear below the ad text (images, videos) and may include up to 300 characters. Do not use the URL in the ad text because users can not click on the link and it is also very confusing for users.
  • Instagram ads must follow the same principles as Facebook ads, including the 20% text rule.

When will Instagram advertising be effective?

  • Advertising with brand identity: Find unique ways to combine your logo, logo, or the main color of your brand in a harmonious and sophisticated way so that it is not too different from the style. of regular posts. This creates familiarity for customers and increases brand awareness for the target audience.
  • Conceptual advertising concept: The introduction of the original concept will help you not be misinterpreted when designing, meeting the requirements and core values ​​that businesses set out in positioning the brand image. .
  • Beautiful image, attractive caption: An attractive image is when it is not too complicated, the layout is streamlined, well-balanced light, high resolution, no distortion and is important Do not violate Facebook’s 20% text principle. You also do not forget an attractive caption to stimulate consumers or use the hashtag navigation for each campaign.

How to attract more followers on Instagram

  • Follow as many people as possible
  • Hold a contest on Instagram
  • Use Instagram’s new features like Instagram Stories, follow Hashtag
  • Add your Instagram account to the email signature
  • Buy followers
  • Interact with other accounts, with customers by dropping hearts, commenting on their images, or videos, and using the customer’s own images to create trust with other users.
  • Use popular Hashtags like #instafollow, #followback, #love, #food, #beauty, # l4l (like for like), # f4f (follow for following) … in the description or use Top tags for likes for Instagram to paste 20-30 famous hashtags so that more people know when they search for something with Hashtag.
  • Using geotagging, attaching precise locations to make it easier for users to see your image
  • Post pictures regularly but not too much
  • You should post photos on Instagram that is before and after work, school, and about 2-3 pm weekdays.