December 2, 2023

4 benefits of hiring a freelancer Google Pay Per Click

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There are a few things to be aware of if you’re considering hiring an AdWords Freelance Consultant to promote your company. One of them is that it can be difficult to find the proper one.

There are numerous options available. Many would also assert that they possess the knowledge and abilities required to manage profitable PPC ads.

Finding a freelancer can be done in a number of ways, including performing a Google pay per click search or browsing the alternatives on freelance websites like People per Hour. Finding the ideal AdWords Freelancer can be made easier by conducting in-depth research, talking to people, looking at reviews, and asking questions.

Here are 4 benefits of hiring a freelance Google Ads consultant:

The typical hourly pay for an AdWords Freelance Consultant is £30. Compared to the typical UK agency rate of £86, this is significantly less. So working with a freelancer will enable you to save a lot of money.

This is primarily due to the fact that agencies and even directly hiring an PPC Specialists (AdWords Expert) have much higher overhead costs than freelancers do. Of course, you need to make sure they have the skills and ability.

Not any account managers

For many advertisers, dealing with an account manager at an agency can be difficult. It’s possible that you can’t reach the person who is actually handling your account directly. Delays and irritation may result from this.

It is best to collaborate directly with a free-lance PPC consultant so that you can move rapidly with implementation.

As you both try to achieve goals that are advantageous to both of you, you also establish a healthy working relationship.

Adaptable hours

Freelancers typically have flexible work schedules whether they are based in the UK or elsewhere. They will also take into account your needs. They can put in more hours and will adjust for your different time zones.

Work together closely

Instead, when you sign up with an AdWords agency, you rarely know who is managing your account. One of the less experienced individuals at the moment might be the culprit. Or it can be an Asia-based outsourced resource. Therefore, you are unaware of the true manager. 

In actuality, the majority of big firms use recent grads and apprentices with scant AdWords experience. And they will take care of their smaller customer accounts, leaving the larger accounts to the specialists.

You can be certain who is working on it with an AdWords Freelance Consultant because they are unlikely to have a team. And you can collaborate closely with the freelancer to ensure the success of your campaign.

Speedy turnaround

The advantage of working with a freelancer is a quick turnaround. When all the details are worked out, your campaign might be launched in less than a day.

An AdWords campaign may be setup in an average of 4 hours. This includes creating the advertising and conducting keyword research. As a result, you may anticipate the AdWords Consultant finishing it in a day so you can start the campaign.

This expedites the process because you’re not dealing with an account manager who must communicate everything to the person actually handling your account.

No long-term agreements

You almost certainly will sign a 12-month contract while working with an agency. However, most independent contractors don’t need contracts, and if they do, they’re often only for three months.

You can easily leave if things do not turn out as expected because you are not tied to a lengthy contract.


When you locate the appropriate one, working with an AdWords freelance consultant has several advantages. To accomplish your objectives, it’s critical that you establish a strong rapport with your freelancer and collaborate closely with them.

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