September 27, 2023

Best Five Ways To Market Your Coworking Space

market coworking space

In a world full of start-ups, massive progress is seen in flexible workspaces, especially post-pandemic. The demand for work from home has been rising since the pandemic. But is it that easy to work from home without getting disturbed?

So with the changed working pattern, demand for coworking spaces has also increased. But here the problem arises is awareness. Most people are not aware of such places.

If you want your place to be visible around, you need to plan it strategically. Wondering how you would do that? 

Don’t worry my friend, we have shortlisted the best five ways to market your managed office.¬†

  • Build your unique website
  • Paid advertisements 
  • Membership perks
  • Host events 
  • Conduct a health insurance program

1. Build your website

Let me clear this up first, your website is the most basic need. And it must be a unique one. Ask a professional to design the layout for you. Keep your website orderly. It should contain proper information about you and your workspace but not that much where it seems cringe.

Include blog posts that could relate to the goal of your office on rent. Some inspiring but honest quotes. Always remember, a good website will stand out differently and will allow people to give a thought to your workspace. 

It should contain all the necessary details like your address, open hours, closing hours, etc. Have your contact information more visible. Try to create an easy way to sign up for your members so that they cannot face any difficulty while doing it.

Another important thing is that your website should be easily available on the internet, i.e it must be ranked on google. Your website must be available when one searches for workspaces. For this, you can also go for trending keywords that can help you reach a large sum of customers.

2. Paid advertisements 

Advertisement is a great strategy to market your business. A great move to make people aware of you. Advertisements can be in two ways,

Online Advertisements:

You are well aware of the power of online advertisements. You can have paid advertisements to increase your visibility online.

Try to take advantage of all social media platforms as much as you can. Create a page on any platform and try to make people aware of your place. Share the high-quality pictures on your page so that you can show off the inside layout of your place. 

You can follow your potential customers and build a network. Sponsorship is another trick for visibility. Make your workspace visible on coworking websites. This is especially for freelancers who are growing vigorously in the market now. 

Freelancers often find such places where they could work peacefully. Another thing is that their timings are mostly altered so it will be beneficial for you if you keep open hours 24/7 strategically. Trust me it’s gonna benefit you only. 

Offline Advertisements:

You might think about what’s the need for this but my friend you need to understand that even now there are a huge number of people who become aware through offline advertisements i.e, posters, pamphlets, etc.

Pay for posters at airports, popular hotels, restaurants, and city libraries near you. This will be visible to those people who wanna work for a few hours and don’t have a place. Again, such posters should straightforwardly deliver your point of view to potential customers along with details in brief.

Use reference as a strategy. If a member brings you another potential customer, give him a referral advantage like a free coworking day. 

3. Membership Perks

Plan suitable membership programs for your members. In the initial phase, you can start at affordable prices. Give discounts on membership plans for more months. Later on, you can raise the price but at a certain level. In this case, less is more.

Discounts and freebies are a great way to attract customers. It will not only invite new customers but also compels existing members to stay longer. Offer free coworking days to your members. 

You can even offer a free snack to a member who completed a variable amount of time like 100 days, 200 days, etc. Include different coffees in your workspace at a pre-decided time i.e coffee time at 6 PM where members can buy coffee drinks. 

On special occasions, go for more than just coffee, maybe snacks or some wine. 

Remember to update your membership plans as per the requirements of your members. Flexibility is the key to success.

4. Host Events

Any space needs to be known by people to let them remember. Hosting events is one of the popular tricks to market your place. 

Rent your startup building for occasions like art galleries, concert series, celebrity get-togethers, etc. You can even host a show by inviting a celebrity who could well market your place. In short, a celebrity is liked by people, and adored by youngsters. Include events that are related to the niche of your members. 

You can even ask youngsters to plan an event where they could showcase their abilities which will add value to the place as young adults are themselves a source of marketing. For example, if any of your members is a good singer, you can ask him to show his talent on special occasions which could also be a good refresher for those who get tired after long hours of working. 

5. Conduct a health insurance program

Nowadays people are more conscious about their health. Health insurance programs can be game changers. If you can create a plan that includes health insurance, it will not only provide your members assurance but also a deep satisfaction with their membership. 

As they are provided with medical care, they would be more willing to stay longer. 


We are sure after reading this article, you might be clear with your strategies regarding your workspace. Coworking spaces are a demand for present youngsters which is likely to grow tremendously Futureheads. 

Good wishes for your startup and yes a pro tip to market your place is feedback. Ask your customers to share their honest reviews and add those to your profile. Remember not to go for paid reviews but honest and genuine after all the generation is getting smarter nowadays. 

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