November 30, 2023

How to Make Your Shopify Product Page Stand Out with 5 Simple Tweaks?

shopify product page

As an e-commerce store owner, the product page keeps you on your toes. To create a unique shopping experience for customers, all eyes need to be on the product page. Now, the question is how to optimize the Shopify product pages for more leads and better conversions. 

Here is how you can heighten the shopping experience of customers and turn browsers into buyers:

Mapping the product page elements 

The first step in developing and designing the Shopify product page is determining which elements to incorporate. Research those factors that worked well for your competitors and incorporate your ideas for a successful concoction. The product page development and design is the lifeline of your Shopify store, so you need to connect with the best resources. Hire a Shopify developer in India for product page enhancement and unlock success.

Showcasing the product photos

Is your site text-heavy? Don’t worry! You can still incorporate photography in several different ways. More importantly, you need to focus on how to best position the photographs to allow them to gain prominence. The significance of product photos enables customers to discern the minutest details about each product much faster. Thanks to Shopify development services in India with experts focusing on what’s new and trendy.

Make sure you include original product images and enhance the memory retention of your customers by over 50%. Remember that words alone will never create that magic. But do not just limit the products to one or two but highlight multiple images from different angles. 

Use videos and get more creative

Just like product photos, videos of various products also play a big role when highlighting your offerings. Videos allow customers to get a truer sense of the product and hence are taking center stage in the product pages. But there is no one-size-fits-all video. You don’t have to make those videos superbly tempting. Just create a converting and catchy video using your phone and you are good to go. Even a very basic video can be prepared if you have access to smartphone and a video editing software. Are you yet to believe in the viability of videos? Hire Shopify developers to create inspiring videos, showcasing your products.

Don’t leave the product description 

There is no denying that visual content may overpower written text but that does not mean you can ignore the latter. No matter how enticing the image is, buyers are conscious about reading the product description. No buyer would place the order without reading about the product. So, if you want to influence buying decisions, create trust with compelling descriptions that work on a human level. It may mean the difference between multiple abandoned carts and customers feeling comfortable about buying a product. 

Displaying the shipping information

Delivery and return banners may highlight what you want to offer to your customers. If you have free shipping offers, try to link the shipping details next to the price. Customize the shipping offers as e-commerce promotions to influence the buying decision. 

Add more details 

Don’t just include specific information as you might have a few customers who may be interested to know more about your offerings. Unfortunately, customers cannot ask direct questions to the salespeople when shopping from e-commerce stores. To satisfy those customers, you need to educate customers. Wondering what to include in additional details? Here are those details that may benefit your customers:

  • Maintenance instructions
  • Design features 
  • More information about the brand and the manufacturer 
  • Meta information that enables your customers to research further

No matter what your brand is about, make sure the additional details you include are truly realistic. 

Don’t skip the call to action 

One of the major design features of an e-commerce website is the call-to-action for product pages. Don’t forget to add call-to-action in the product pages no matter how interesting the description is or how enticing the images are. Try to make the CTA comprehensible and unique. So, surround it with whitespace and contrasting colors to make it catchier.

Include social proof

Humans tend to listen to others when making buying decisions. So, reviews are seen as influential and reliable. A good idea would be to have a range of reviews acting as social proof. It’s easier to touch the real psychology of the buyers when you post others’ opinions about the products.

There is a plethora of options to check when optimizing the product pages. The ideas above will act as go-getters and once your site is up and running, hire a web development outsourcing company to scale your conversions further.

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