December 1, 2023

Facebook Ads: How To Keep Your Advertising Costs Down?

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With 2.93 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s most ‘active’ social media network, making it a natural hotspot for small and medium businesses to meet their potential customers. And the best way to do this is through Facebook advertising. In fact, Facebook is the most widely used advertising and marketing platform by marketers. It is the home to nearly 7 million advertisers worldwide. 

Having said that, do you know how to keep your Facebook advertising costs down? Let’s explore standard practices and discover some great solutions with the help of Facebook marketing consultants. 

1. Identify the Best Performing Ads

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced Facebook advertising expert, you should have access to a tremendous amount of data, so you can identify the best-performing ads for the best Facebook audience. This will also help you narrow your ad targeting and include only the best demographics.

You can find out how your initial ads are performing for various demographics by getting insights into the “Manager Section” and “View Charts” from your Facebook page. This will provide you with unlimited access to how your previous Facebook ads performed, categorically by age, sex, location, and more. 

For example, if your Facebook ad performs better with the audience under the age of 40, this means that it resonates better with a younger population. With such data in hand, Facebook marketing consultants can avoid targeting ads to these ineffective demographic and focus on where products/services will most likely sell. 

2. Optimize Your Landing Page 

A complicated and cluttered landing page can significantly reduce your lead generation from Facebook. Making it simple, intuitive, and clear would help you boost your conversion rate. Rather than redesigning the entire landing page, leverage the already gathered data to optimize your landing page’s results. Here’s how to do this: 

  • Make your offers clearly understandable 
  • Declutter unwanted visuals
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Include testimonials
  • Use a straightforward call to action

3. Include Images and Videos 

Ask experienced Facebook marketing consultants and they would highly recommend innovative creatives, such as videos and images. Nothing can get you better advertising results than having a pleasing visual accompanied by a creative description. 

Utilizing quality media will boost the likelihood of getting the ad clicked when people scroll down aimlessly through their newsfeed. Here, you can go for A/B testing to know which creative reaps the best results. And after a series of testing, refine this creative to make it more money-making.

4. Create Custom Audiences 

When running Facebook Ads with a Facebook ads expert, make sure you target a custom audience. Take some time to identify who your ad is for. You can use the “Facebook Ad Manager” settings to target the ad to that specific audience. 

Build custom audiences based on their demographics and behaviors. For instance, you can set up ad groups that will re-target people who added something to their shopping cart on your website. Or you can target those who reached the checkout page but did not complete their purchase. 

5. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Another practice to minimize the costs of your Facebook ads is by leveraging influencers and their audiences. Running ads directly from the influencer’s account will likely drive the CPC. This is great if your audience is too specific, and you want to expand it. 

Consequently, it will come down to capturing the attention of the audience’s favorite influencer, which means they are much more likely to engage with that ad.

6. Use the Right Keywords 

Keyword selection plays a crucial role in creating an ad campaign. This is because people are searching for specific terms and are actively seeking information relevant to their search queries. When your search ad caters to their search needs, there is a better chance they will click on it. 

To make your Facebook advertising campaign work out, use the right keywords that will target the right audience at the right time. Here are some expert tips to help you accomplish that:

  • Find out what people are searching for.
  • Focus on using specific and long-tail keywords.
  • Include negative keywords.

The Bottom Line 

Facebook marketing consultants and businesses running their ads on Facebook can attest to the rising cost of Facebook cost-per-acquisition (CPA). However, you can’t forfeit Facebook advertising since it can effectively generate leads and sales. Thus, use these methods to minimize advertising costs. Besides this, you can also try other methods, such as Facebook auctions, Facebook lead ads, and Facebook Messenger marketing.

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