5 Most Effective Tools For YouTube Marketing

youtube marketing

YouTube is not just an only option to promote videos and market your content, nowadays. Like YouTube, several other video marketing platforms like Snapchat, Vine, Periscope, etc. have taken control of video marketing.

However, YouTube, being the most familiar and popular social media channel, is highly preferred when it comes to video marketing.

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Now the question is how?

For YouTube marketing, many online tools have popped out in the market today. This eases out the marketing efforts and drives in impressive results for the business.

Are you interested to learn about these YouTube marketing tools? Give it a read and find out the best tool to serve your purpose.

5 Best online tools for YouTube marketing

  1. Google Explore: Keywords are the key element for digital marketing, where video marketing on YouTube has no exception. With Google Explore, managing keywords is no more a headache.

    Google Explore gives you more understanding regarding the keywords and trending hashtags related to your content. It will find the high-performing hashtags for you that can bring huge traffic and more views to your videos.

    Are you interested in finding out the performance of hashtags and keywords? Use Google Explore and explore the insights into your YouTube channel. You can even use Google Trends to learn about new topics and trends.

    Alternatively, you can use Google Ads to fetch keyword ideas and identify search queries with high potential or SerpStat to get an insight into your competitors’ activities.

  2. Cyfe: Cyfe is basically a content dashboard where you can monitor your content marketing data and pursue other objectives. Using Cyfe, you can monitor social media channels, track mentions, determine the number of followers, subscribers, and views on Facebook, YouTube, and much more.

    The best thing about this tool Cyfe is you can create your own dashboard for your YouTube keyword research. This gives you the priority to handle your video marketing campaign on YouTube in a personalized way.

    Some other features of Cyfe that make it effective are –

    Cyfe can be used to monitor SEO, SMO, email marketing, video marketing, and analytics.
    With Cyfe, you can easily create and share automated reports with the clients, making your service transparent.
    Cyfe includes analytics using which you can monitor web performance, different domains, search engines, keyword rankings, and much more.
    Cyfe is also a powerful tool for project management. You can quickly get an overview of your last projects and manage your team accordingly.

  3. TubeBuddy: If you are looking for a Chrome extension that can help you in video marketing on YouTube, TubeBuddy is a perfect match. Unlike other tools, you will get this tool easily from the Chrome extension store.

    TubeBuddy allows users to optimize, promote, and manage YouTube videos on the channel. It is even featured with advanced analytics allowing users to optimize SEO for driving more traffic.

    Some prominent features for which TubeBuddy is highly recommended include –

    It offers transcribed captions to generate more views on videos.It creates multiple opportunities based on YouTube search traffic and channel performance.
    It lets you A/B tests of videos and use the most engaging one for marketing.  It performs a video audit for you to avoid broken links, irrelevant content, unimportant keywords, and much more. 

  4. Vidiq: A video doesn’t go viral unless and until you have a good audience and a large follower base. To build a loyal audience on YouTube, Vidiq is the right tool to admire.

    With Vidiq, you can enhance the library of tags 10 times more within 10 minutes. That’s really impressive, isn’t it? These tags can help your video to display on the YouTube sidebar in the “related videos” section.

    Unlike other tools, Vidiq is a paid platform but you will get more keyword suggestions and bulk of tags with additional features for the marketers. Other than keywords and tags, Vidiq is also good for managing YouTube videos simply by importing the videos into its dashboard.

    Exploring the dashboard, you can easily have a look at the number of views, likes, followers, comments, and so on. With Vidiq, you can get engaged with a huge audience, maximize your organic reach, track social conversations, and collaborate with other channels.

    If you want something extraordinary, Vidiq will be a perfect choice.


YouTube is accessed by 2 billion users worldwide. Around 79% of the online users have their own YouTube account while 80% of them use this channel as a major video marketing platform.

The recent statistics have proved that 1 billion users spend time on YouTube every day, making the channel the most watchable platform for the businesses.

Are you planning for video marketing on YouTube? Reach out to a digital marketing agency in Delhi or nearby area and share your requirements with them.