Better WordPress White Label Plugins

wordpress white label plugins

These plugins help you change the look of your dashboard, tweak its functionality, and even customize things like your login page.

When it comes to white label WordPress plugins, you are spoiled for choice. So we’ll try to make your decision a little easier by investigating the popular plugins that call your dashboard. Ultimately, you will be able to choose the right plugin for your specific situation.

Why white label your wordpress dashboard?

Whether you give other people access to your WordPress dashboard or use it individually, using a white-label WordPress plugin provides some benefits.

  • Include or expel menu things, connections, and more to make a dashboard that better matches your work process.
  • Better branding for your dashboard by adding your logo and colors.
  • Hide items from certain users or user roles.
  • Make your dashboard more aesthetically pleasing and generally perform better.

All of these add up to a better experience for you and everyone else who will see the inner workings of your WordPress site.

Here better WordPress white label plugins

AG Custom Admin

AG Custom Admin lets you change everything from design to functionality. It’s the most detailed of all the WordPress plugins on this list

What I like about it is that although it has a lot of features, it is very well organized by categories, so it should be clear to everyone how to use the tool.

Moreover, the interface is easy to use so that you can make changes quickly even if you are not a technical expert.

One particularly helpful feature is that you can add new items to the main menu.

Important features

  • Multiple Dashboard Themes: Although, only a few are free (prices for premium themes vary from $ 10 to $ 25).
  • Custom Footer: Text and version text, and option to hide footer.
  • Custom content on the dashboard homepage: Text, Images, View / Remove existing tabs.
  • Customize the login page.
  • Customize admin menu: You can rename / remove items. You can also remove icons, separators, collapse, and pop-up boxes.
  • Lots of color options for bars, icons, background, footer, fonts, tools, etc.
  • Code dedicated to additional functions

Custom login page

Dissimilar to past WordPress modules, this module centers explicitly around the WordPress login page.

Custom Login Page Customizer uses real-time WordPress customizer to help you design the entire login page without needing to know any code. You can change colors, backgrounds, design templates, and more.

Important features

  • Real-time customization via Live Customizer.
  • Custom logo.
  • A custom background or main photo.
  • Change the background and size of the login form, and modify fields and text.
  • Login button design.
  • On-demand web format language.
  • Unlimited colors for all shapes and areas.

Best White Label CMS for WordPress

White Label CMS is a less difficult form of AG Custom Admin. You can accomplish many of the basic things that AG Custom Admin has to offer, but not the most advanced of them. Basically, this plugin allows you to hide or display various items such as boxes, links, icons, menu items, sub-items, and create your own sections and texts.

White Label CMS is very simple, it has dropdown tabs with options grouped by categories. Compared to the previous tool, there are many custom options that this tool does not provide, but if you do not want a fundamental change in the control panel, this should be enough for you.

White Label CMS is perfect for some great adjustments and cleansing, along with a subtle twist to your brand / taste. It’s important to note though that it doesn’t provide any design settings so the visual portion of the dashboard will remain the same.

Important features

  • Four Tabs / Categories: Brands, Dashboards, Admin Settings, and Edit Lists.
  • Code dedicated to additional functions.
  • Logos, menus, footer and custom login page.
  • Unique widget with custom title and description for each user role.
  • Adds an RSS feed widget to the dashboard home page.
  • Hides descriptive boxes that you don’t need, for both the post and page sections.
  • “Reset to default” option.

Best Blue Admin for WordPress

In essence, Blue Admin is a plugin that changes the theme used by the dashboard. This means, by default, that it doesn’t change functionality – only appearances, which is a very significant shift from many previous WordPress plugins.

If you want to change the functionality, though, the plugin also includes three free add-ons that allow you to make changes to the admin toolbar, the login page, and users’ color schemes.

Important features

  • Three free additional items: administrator bar menu, login page, and shading plans.
  • Creates admin bar menu just like normal menu.
  • Custom Login Page – Background, Intro, and Log in Box Logo.
  • Free and Premium Color Schemes – Color Contrasts and Their Combinations.

Slate Admin Theme for WordPress

Just like Blue Admin, this changes the look of your dashboard immediately upon activation. Not only the colors change, but also the design, which introduces a more modern and minimalist version of the current WordPress theme. There are no settings or customizations here. Either you like the design or you don’t.

Important features

  • No customization is required at all.
  • Light weight and simple functions.