How WordPress Takes Your Website To A New Level

website to new level

WordPress is used by millions of website owners for its usability and unique features that make your website stand out. According to the Hosting Tribunal – “There are an estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress.” 

While many people still think of WordPress as a template site, there is much more to it. It is a global platform that provides over 50,000 plugins to enhance your WordPress Website. It comes with many features and is continuously changing. Some of these features may not get the deserved attention and remain a little hidden.

In this article, we will show you how WordPress can take your website to a new level and unveil the features you probably didn’t know existed.

Link Your Social Media:

Nowadays social media gathers millions and millions of users and there are chances that the traffic can be redirected to your website from these platforms. Also, as a business owner, you must demonstrate the number of people visiting your website. Therefore, it is not smart to underestimate the potential of social media. 

Make sure to include social sharing buttons on your WordPress website. This enables users to share your website on their social media feed. In today’s time, things get viral through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Hence, this feature can help you generate more traffic on your website and boost sales for your business.

Update Your Theme Time to Time:

At times updating new themes to the page can help you breathe new life into your website. There are myriad themes available on WordPress for free. Once the business starts growing you can start looking for premium things which will fetch you even better results. 

Many users worry that changing the themes on their WordPress website might land them into unwanted consequences. However, very few know that WordPress themes can be previewed before activating. This helps you choose the desired theme for your website that complements your business. 

Split Lengthy Posts:

If the length of your blog or guide is long, then setting up post pagination can help improve the readability of your post. Simply adding <!-next page-> tag in your post will split up into two pages. This will prevent users from scrolling too much and make the page appear clean. You can also choose whether to split posts by the total number of pages or approximate words per page.

Embed Links, Videos, and Multimedia:

WordPress automatically embeds content from popular websites like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All you need to do is paste a URL from these websites and WordPress will automatically embed it for you. This feature is very helpful for adding references to your blogs and guides. This enables a better user experience and increases your credibility. 

WordPress also allows URLs from another WordPress site into your post and it will automatically embed the post for you. Embedding links, videos, and multimedia enable users to watch the content without leaving the current page. Embedding videos is a powerful marketing tool and it can help you generate more leads, traffic, and revenue.

Markdown and Keyboard Shortcuts:

Most WordPress users spend more time writing content on the site, this is why WordPress developers are always trying to improve the writing experience in WordPress. Keyboard shortcuts make the work faster, efficient, and easier on WordPress. Apart from these keyboard shortcuts, you can also use Markdown-like formatting shortcuts. You just need to enter the formatting shortcuts and WordPress will convert them into HTML.

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