WordPress: The New Age Developer!

WordPress Developer

Nothing in this world of technology stays forever. With new developments taking place every second, the era of technology is transforming towards betterment. And with that new changes are being accepted by developers. However, there is one constant and continuously growing platform too; WordPress.

Whether to create a blog or to build a website or for the regular updates and changes required. WordPress is one of the greatest inventions by mankind for every person who wishes to have a website under their name but is not very good at coding.

Although, there are many questions rising every now and then, such as, is WordPress a smart choice in 2022? Or is WordPress is dying in 2022? And, Why is WordPress the best option to build websites?

With many such questions raising, let’s start with knowing;

What Is WordPress?

WordPress at first originated with the thought of being a platform that publishes blogs of millions of users with the portal WordPress.com. As time evolved, further changes and development took place to make WordPress a portal that builds websites too under WordPress.org.

WordPress, born in 2003, is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). With many unique and useful features, WordPress allows its users to use multiple themes to create their websites. Some of the features are plugin architecture and template systems that are referred to within WordPress as Themes.

WordPress is a great tool for individuals who want to create websites and blogs but are actually not interacted with coding and for those as well, who can’t code. To be a WordPress Developer, everything an individual needs to know is how the WordPress software works and not how to create codes to build websites.

WordPress has been a helping hand to many big brands that are established for ages. Some of such websites are The New York Times, CNN, Variety, NBC, Spotify, and many more. In fact, over 43% of the web runs on WordPress. Most of the many websites that you visit are created on WordPress, as WordPress.com is a home to everyone from brand new bloggers and entrepreneurs to major brands. WordPress is your “have to visit” software.

Now when it comes to answering:

Why is WordPress the best option for creating websites?

Despite being a great creator for websites and one of the best publishers for blogs, there are some people who do not think WordPress can be counted as a great option. Well for those assumptions, the following are the reasons why WordPress is best:

  • Easy and Free to Use: WordPress is an easy and free software that is used by millions of people across the globe. As this software doesn’t require any coding skills, by simply selecting a theme related to your idea you can create your website. And if you are an explorer WordPress developer, then you can experiment on WordPress as much as you wish, because WordPress software is free to use.
  • Community Support: It doesn’t matter to which category you belong. WordPress is a platform used by millions. It is not difficult to find solutions related to your community as there are multiple forums that will support you and provide you with great solutions. This support makes WordPress one of the best reasons to opt.
  • Plenty of Themes, Plugins, and Features: Another reason to opt for WordPress for creating websites and publishing blogs is that this software platform has plenty of themes, plugins, and features. The vast variety in one way or the other will make sure your website is interesting, attractive, and makes visitors stay there for a while. And in place of starting from scratch to code for your website, you are provided with a ton of options that describe your brand’s identity the best.
  • Build Your Version: With WordPress’ versatility, you don’t have to worry about mistakes in coding and then changing the whole thing. With millions of options in form of themes, you can simply recreate the look the way you wish. As WordPress is also mobile-friendly, you don’t have to worry about your website operating on mobile phones.

Benefits of WordPress:

Up until now, you have read why WordPress is best, now look at the mentioned benefits according to WordPress itself. 

  • Built-in Social Sharing: With WordPress, you can maximize the reach of your content, either blogs or thoughts that you share on WordPress. As WordPress has global access, it is easier for you to share and enhance your social reach with the built-in social sharing in WordPress.
  • In-depth Stats: If you have an account on WordPress, you can access things. Such as, how many visits your website had, what content posted on the website is viewed the most, where are your visitors from, and at what time your website is visited the most.
  • SEO friendly: It isn’t enough to just create a website, it is essential too to have visitors on your website that could transfer into further leads and potential customers. As WordPress is SEO friendly, it helps in marking your website rank higher on the internet.

How is WordPress helpful to Digital Marketing Agencies?

With multiple career options in the technology field and development being constant. When technology meets the digital world, the development enhances to maximum heights.

One such example is a website developer. As websites are essential for every business, brand, startup, and venture. A website is the first presentation of a company that speaks a lot about the business, without actually being bespoken.

A website developer creates the most unique vision of his to contemplate one final result that is best suited for the client and the website visitors.

Being a digital marketing agency, digiPanda also makes sure to make its clients happy and to provide them with the solutions they are looking for. The WordPress developers and website developers at digiPanda keep the design accurate without letting our customers spend much money on a website.

CONCLUSION: Making it easier for the generation of digitization and technology. With WordPress, anyone can create their own websites and can publish their blogs anytime.