9 Developer Tools to Look for in a WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress is a well-established content management system. Not only bloggers can use it for writing blogs but developers can also use this strong platform. There are millions of users of the WordPress and among these, many users use it for the purpose of earning money. The users can also be the people from technical support or the developers of themes and plugins. Various tools are needed for developing WordPress applications, plugins and themes. Now I will describe about 9 developer tools that you need to look for in a WordPress Hosting Provider.

1. Developer – Several WordPress developers worked in collaboration with Automattic to develop the Developer tool. This tool will assist you in optimizing the development environment. For creating plugins and themes you can install the best tools by using this environment. First install the tool. Then a popup screen will appear. It will ask you a question: On which project you are currently working? Three options will come and you need to choose among these:

  • Theme for a WordPress.com VIP site
  • Theme for a self-hosted WordPress installation
  • Plugin for a self-hosted WordPress installation

As per your desire the tool will provide you some more plugins. Depending on the needs of your project you can install some plugins from these. It is a free tool.

2. Generate WP – Here you can create several code snippets for reducing the development time of WordPress developers by using a set of tools that come under Generate WP. For learning APIs, coding standards and WordPress features, the new developers can take its help. If you are interested in generating widgets, custom post types, shortcuts, sidebars and taxonomies then you can do this by using Generate WP.

3. Pictura – The final product can get a boost with the use of the right picture. Getting the right picture from the internet is a long process. In order to get the right photo, searching the entire database of Flickr is possible with the help of a Photoshop plugin known as Pictura.   

4. Upfront – WordPress platform allows you to create a theme by dragging and dropping with the help of a tool known as Upfront. This tool helps in creating beautiful themes and these can be infinite in number.

5. Firebug – The developers and designers of WordPress can use Firefox’s addon known as Firebug. In any page, it is possible to do live changes by using the functionality of this tool. It functions much similar to developer tools.

6. WordPress Site Manager – Suppose you are running a number of WordPress sites. It can be difficult for you to log in and log out constantly. This tool will help you in accessing your each site’s main page, directly as it keeps your login information in a stored form.

7. Sublime Text Editor – It is basically a text editor that we can use across several platforms. It has a sleek interface and can keep up with multiple programming languages. It can perform various functions like code autocompletion, linting, code minification and additional languages support if we use plugins with it.

8. InstantWP – You can test the theme and dirty plugin quickly with a suitable setup of WordPress which is given by Instant WP. This tool helps in creating a development site that is not permanent but temporary.

9. Toggl – Toggl is a tool that we can use for tracking the time. You can use it easily and quickly. Here, it is possible to provide real time sync. to the time entries. This tool will work on Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux and Mac.

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