Why social media is bad for mental health

Why social media is bad for mental health

Social media is day by day becoming a crucial part of a person’s daily life. We can say that this is like following things on a daily social basis. Usually, people like to spend time on different social channels because they are effective for them in all the ways and will get to know the following scenario related to the social media it is helping you a lot to the users for the different useful things and it is helping a lot. The question is still the same that Why social media is bad for the mental health of people.

In social media, people like to spent time and basically, it was used for the communication purpose and but due to new features on the social media which are developed these features are attracting more users on the social media and they like to spend their time on social media at their leisure time.

It’s Addictive

Social media in all ways it’s addictive very much because social media features are developing so much that they are providing so many attractive and impressive features it attracts users on social media of any age. Social media comprises of all the best features which are providing users to spend their time with different social media activities which keep users spend their time on social platforms. These new features of social media make users addictive and which in any way affects the mental health of the users of the social media.

Triggers Jealousy

Social media people are using it because they like to see communicate with other users and mostly they use to share following activities on social media. While watching the following post, shares, and actions of others on social media people got jealous to see other activities. Some actions of the people are affected mostly because they affect other feelings on social media. While looking into all these they trigger jealousy which is all due to the actions and activities of the other users on social media. 

Comparing life with others

Social media is used by people for communicating, sharing some moments of their life on social media. Users use this platform for sharing their activities which affects and attracts other users on social media. Some users on social media when seeing other pictures, shares, post, videos on social media they start comparing their life with others because they think that there are actually the things those are making others life happier then why my life is not happy. If other users on social media are suffering from such a boring life and others’ life is so much happening? These actions of others on social media affect the user’s mental health because comparing your life to others can never be a good option anyway.

Give negative thoughts

Social media leads to negative thoughts in the human mind. The reason is that social media comprises of different activities in which some are part of and others are rarely interested in doing such activities on social media. By watching these activities of others people got agitated and that leads to bringing negative thoughts inside the people that these people are having this and I am not having this for myself it all connects and however brings the negative thoughts inside the other user of the social media. Some time also happens that what you show yourself is not the same on social media because it leads to sometimes that show off is the reason people like to share the post and shares of others on social media.

In the above article, there are some very common reasons those clarify the fact that why social media is bad for mental health. I would like to say that social media is not so much bad. But users are using it in such a way that now social media leads people towards anxiety, depression, loneliness and it is giving you some negative experience also.

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