January 20, 2022

Why SEO & Google is actually about Content – Does Fresh Content Matter

Fresh Content

Understanding online marketing revolves around Google and SEO. For any business, content is something that they actually need to empower growth. Due to change as the only constant factor, well-researched and up-to-date content matters a lot to both Search Engine Optimization & Google. 

Preferences and likes change from time to time, therefore,  fresh content is all that is needed to keep up with the pace. 

Why SEO & Content Marketing Together 

SEO and content always go together and work well when combines perfectly. When trending topics, common queries are coupled, there is a chance of higher ranking and more traffic. A study shows Google gets 3.5 billion per day which means 1.3 trillion per year.  Fresh content means higher ranks in search engines. Fresh content gives the chance to build a better one and help websites achieve higher-ranking. 

In fact SEO makes demands and that gets fulfilled by the content. SEO and content marketing both complement each other to meet business certain requirements. 

SEO Demands Content 

SEO without content is unimaginable. To reach out wider audience -words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage is essential. Online Marketing is all about content. When SEO demands, content marketing is there to fulfil. 

SEO Needs Keywords & Content Fulfils Them

The main component of SEO is keywords optimization, utilization, and SERPs rankings. Content marketing is used to apply the use of keywords in different places for different purposes. But remember to use appropriate keywords density and proximity while embedding them into a piece of content. 

Content Marketing Cater To the Linkbacks Demand of SEO

Content sets the best way to build links. The only thing you need to focus is to publish killer content. This is the best way to continue success in SEO. 

SEO Demands Onsite Optimization – Content Marketing Needs Great UX

SEO is much more than posting blogs and articles. From researching keywords to creating backlinks and robots.txt SEO goes a long way. Technical onsite optimization is important to sever the user and promote your content. 

  • An optimized robots.txt is used to let search engines crawl your websites so that readers can view the content. 
  • Right tags are used in the right places to match accurate search results.

SEO Demands Consistent Output. Content Marketing Requires Consistent

Google keeps updating its algorithm and the search engine likes fresh content. A fresh SEO content gets indexed fast and gets higher rankings in the search engines.  Good SEO is only considered when you have a consistent output of content and you are doing it all in the right way. Without content, SEO can’t be carried in the best possible way. 

Here Are Some Valuable Reasons Explaining Why Fresh Content Is Important For SEO

It is obvious, fresh content means more engagement and more engagement means double conversions. Content is king both for website and the search engines. 

Fresh Content Means Frequent Indexing 

More frequently you update the website by posting articles and blogs on trending topics, it is more likely to achieve higher ranking in Google. Every time you make an update related to the content, the search engines take notice and look for the site’s ranking. Updating the content frequently gives your websites an opportunity to get indexed again and rank higher. Please note; I am not talking about more content, but the quality content.  It is recommended to keep posting frequently along with content quality in your mind. Websites stuffed with low-quality articles or blogs can be penalized. 

Google Loves Fresh Updates 

Google loves websites that update frequently by adding an article, image, or some necessary changes. When you update your websites with valuable pieces of content, it is more likely to achieve a higher ranking with each update. Thus, make sure to writing something of value. 

More Content, More Keywords 

Articles with new topics and pertinent keywords attract visitors to the website. Again, please ensure to create top quality content rather than keyword-stuffed content. Keywords are indeed an important part of SEO strategy but keep Google algorithm always in mind while placing them in your content. 

Fresh Content Keeps Target Audience Informed and Updated 

Fresh content lets subscribers obtain necessary information. Using an RSS feed you can update your current subscribers each time you publish new content on your website. This way, you’ll be successful in developing long-term loyalty. Updating your websites with fresh quality content not only brings loyalty and appreciation but put a good position in Google as well. 

Wrapping Up Freshness factors tend to bring the higher rate of conversions. When you publish more content inclined towards high-quality and trends, it helps websites gain more links and authority. What do you think about SEO and content? Are you looking for Digital Marketing services? Catch onto The Digizones for a one-stop solution.

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