How Can Google Adwords Help My Startup Business?

google adwords

Google matters. We all want to be on the first page, first, click on Google. Businesses appearing on the top pages of Google are bound to get good visibility for their brands, high-quality leads, more web traffic, and lots and lots of revenue. Well, that’s why you are hearing reading how Google Adwords Campaigns can help you get on the top page of Google.

There are millions of website wish to rank on Google. These websites might have invested a lot of and still struggling to get there. With smart Google Adword Strategies, it will take at least a year to get visibility and rank in top results. However, Google Adwords Campaigns are to be performing consistently and at least one year to build authority and rank in the top results.

Run Google Ad Campaigns to secure the top position. Use Google Adwords Account to its full potential, thus consider taking full advantage of this platform.

It’s obvious for the startups to not know the importance of Google Ads. So, let’s start with that understanding first.

What Is Google Adwords?

Google Ads is widely used for promoting your product services on Google. You have to pay to have your ad run for your business. Google displays these paid ads to your customers when they search for the relevant terms matching your products and services. Thus, Google will have this Ad Copy displayed in front of your targeted audience.

Google Ads gives you measurable results. This includes real-time tracking of website performance, daily clicks, business leads, and so on. Google Adword Campaigns allow the digital marketers to set the cap limit, geographical location, target audience (local, national, international).

Different Types Of Google Adword Campaigns That Startups Should Invest

Remember no two ad campaigns are alike. Following are the five different types of Google Ad Campaigns for you to consider:

  • Search network campaigns

This is the most preferred campaign type that marketers use. Your ad will appear not only on Google and Google Maps but other Google partner products like Google Shopping, YouTube, etc. Google will display the ad when the user searches for the relevant/ matching keywords that you have set in your campaigns.

  • Display network campaigns

It is a visual ad that is displayed in front of targeted people including YouTube and Gmail.

  • Shopping campaigns

Here Google uses your website data than keywords to show your ad.

  • App campaigns

our ad will be displayed on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, AdMob, the Google Display Network, Google Discover, Google’s search partners, and many other publishers that display app ads.

  • Video campaigns

The video ad was displayed on YouTube and other Google Display Network properties.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

Running Google Ad Campaigns will let you achieve the following business goals:

  • It helps to increase the calls to your business
  • Bring real, high-quality leads
  • More visitors to your website/store
  • Automatically redirects people to your landing page/website.

Once you have figured out few things like where you want your ad copy to be shown. You need to use small images and brief sentences to design your Google Ads.

Make sure that the Ad Copy you design has SEO optimized keywords and unique that tells google how it makes your business stand out.

Finally, set your budget, that Google will use to show around your Ad Copy. And that’s how it makes your Ad Live.

Once the ad starts appearing, the target audience will be able to see it. This way your ranking will start coming in top results. With more and more people clicking on your PPC Ad Campaigns the more your business gets back its ROI.

Also, depending on the type of the Google Ad, it will display the ad on YouTube and other Google Partnered Products.

Benefits Of Leveraging Google Ads Campaigns

Not convinced why startups should invest in Google Ads Campaigns? Weshow you the benefits that bring to your business:

  • Undoubtedly, Google has a massive reach
  • It can target a wide range of possibilities
  • Can be done in any budget
  • Provides you with the results in easy to understand format
  • The results are quick compared to SEO practices
  • More leads, more conversions
  • Get more returns with varied Google Ads bidding strategies

Why Startups Should Invest In Google Ads Campaigns?

It displays your ad when Customers are looking for you

Google Ad campaign is the most result-oriented tool for businesses who wish to rank quickly on Google Searches. The Ad campaigns have the potential to bring hot leads to your business.

Thus, the Ad will be displayed in front of your targeted customers at the exact time when they are searching for your info, services, products, etc. and it’s profitable

More leads and customers

When the Ad Campaigns are set properly, it start bringing leads to the website.

Google Ads allows you to narrow down your campaign requirements minutely so that you can target your audience looking for what your business. Thus this allows you to focus by continually refining your searches. So, when people are looking for your services/products, they are redirected to your website.

Higher return on investments

Google Ads will only make you pay for those ads that users clicks. 

To get a better clarity, how to get greater returns you need to consistently track your Ad campaigns. The Ad campaigns provide you with real-time info, value-adding to your marketing strategies.

When you have figure out the areas that are reaping benefits, providing a greater return on investment helps you to focus better on your ad campaigns.

Quick and transparent results

Google Adword Campaigns delivers quick results. The reports are straightforward results and easy to analyze. The Ad campaign dashboard gives you detailed insights into each of every campaign that is on.

This includes number of times the ads clicked, keywords used to search, cost of clicks, location, etc.

You get to tap high-quality traffic

Google continues to improve the search engine algorithms to produce the most relevant search results.

As a matter of fact, it is positive for businesses that are running their ad campaigns. As a result, these campaigns will only bring good quality leads and visitors to your website.

The users that Google sends you are more likely to convert to customers compared to other search techniques.

In Conclusion

“Everyone else is doing it, so why not ME?” – Google AdWords Campaigns doesn’t work this way. But it is influential when it comes to boosting your Google Search Rankings, brings you high-quality leads, more visibility, and web traffic.

Google Ad Campaign has got something for businesses sizes having varying budgets and advertising goals.

So, in the sea of 2+ trillion per year endless searches, it doesn’t hurt to fill a bucket and see how much revenue you can churn by leveraging Google Ads Campaigns.