Why Digital Marketing Grow Year To Year?

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In 2019, digital ads saw a 26 percent rise from 2018 to cross Rs. 13,683 crore, where the cumulative increase in advertising was 9.4 percent. The digital marketing sector is booming and is projected to rise to cross the 17,000 crores mark at 27 percent in 2020. India had about 700 million internet users in 2020, and the figure is projected to rise to over 970 million by 2025.

This illustrates how the demand is expanding and how it is expected to grow in the next few years. So, the potential is immense, and everything affects how advertisers can use it.

In the Pre-Internet Age, Ads

Advertising was carried out via TV, billboards, and radio advertisements during the pre-internet days. Advertising used to be very distinct from what it is now. Door to door advertisements and word of mouth advertising played a crucial role in marketing. When the internet hit, it all changed. Now, without going outside the workplace, we can easily advertise our product or service in front of millions of people without even talking to anybody.

How much time is spent online by Indians?

To do almost all these days, Indians use the internet. Online studying, social media sharing, watching Netflix, reading e-books, playing video games, paying bills, and anything online is possible, so Indians are increasingly increasing the amount of time they spend online. As one of the leading markets for internet use, India is outgrowing China.

While TV is still the most popular form of entertainment, with 58.7 percent of people choosing TV over other outlets, digital is also catching up. Indians spend an average of around 1 hour and 29 minutes on digital every day.

Most of their digital time is spent on their smartphones.

Cheaper smartphones and inexpensive data packages have increased the time individuals spend on their smartphones.

Customer Targeting Precise

Not everybody watching your ad is going to end up buying it from you. So, why reveal your new product to the entire world when you can show it to your specific, targeted users? Through analyzing previous patterns and user actions, Big Data made this much more straightforward.

Social networking sites and search engines change their algorithms to make your ad show appropriate and targeted viewers keep their advertisers satisfied.

For small businesses and corporations with a tight budget, this works very well. It’s much easier to measure ROI in digital than in conventional ads.

Digital Marketing Position in small businesses

Owing to the limited resources they have, small businesses strive to be frugal in their initial stages. Like larger firms, they can’t afford huge marketing budgets and promotions. But so many online advertising networks that offer efficient tools regardless of the size of your business give smaller businesses a chance to stand up and build a name for themselves.

The Gartner Digital Marketing Spend Study highlighted that up to 40 percent of respondents reported earning substantial savings for their goods and services using digital marketing promotional methods.

Start-up smart marketers can also use SEO and email marketing to compete against more prominent brands and quickly build a brand name.

Trends In Digital Marketing

One of the fastest moving themes is interactive. A few years ago, AI’s future was a distant one, and now AI is the center of global business and industry.

You can use AI to automate your ad buying by programmatic ads, which lets you narrow your audience.

Fast one-to-one communication between clients and digital marketers is arranged through conversational marketing.

Voice search and smart speakers will build new opportunities for your company by changing how people search and customize your voice search content.

Future Digital Marketing Development

The number of active Indian internet users will hit nearly 666 million by 2023. Based on the GlobalData report, the Indian e-commerce market is pushing through lockdowns to 7 trillion rupees by 2023.

According to the Goldman Sachs report, by 2025, the Indian market’s digital marketing job reach will be worth $160B, three times the current size.

Twenty lakh jobs are projected to be generated by digital marketing by 2020.

By 2021, the number of internet users is anticipated to reach 800 million.

Your salary growth would heavily rely on your expertise, whether you are a digital marketer or want to get into digital marketing. To be effective, you have to run alongside the industry and upgrade yourself. The day you stop learning, the day in this fast-paced industry, you stop rising.

Getting ready for the future

Digital marketing will not slow down, but it will intensify. You will grow your business and gain a competitive advantage by implementing effective tactics, best practices, and embracing the latest technologies.

The digital business is going on every day with Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic ads, Chatbots, Personalization & conversational marketing, Micro-moments. If you wish to succeed in this area, you have to upgrade yourself and your team.


An integral part of life is a transition. For digital marketing, it is more appropriate. If you want to remain competitive in the market, you must aspire to adopt new technology.

Title: Why Digital Marketing Grow Year To Year?

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