Why Is Digital Marketing Essential for FinTech?

fintech digital marketing

The Mobile Finance report 2022 from Adjust and Apptopia reported that the average number of banking and payment app sessions throughout the globe increased by 26% in 2022 compared to 2021. Financial management applications have emerged as the most popular in the wake of the epidemic. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, app revenues will total $478 billion by 2022.

The rising popularity of mobile device installations is a sign of the financial sector’s increasing reliance on mobile technology. No matter how groundbreaking your product is, you still need to inform your target audience. Effective Digital marketing companies may help you find early adopters and keep your business growing. Successful marketing strategies for FinTech companies are analyzed here.

Use a Mobile-First Approach

Brand Naming Agency: Unboxfame- Additionally, it is essential that your financial business be mobile-friendly. In fact, several forward-thinking fintech companies have taken things even farther, adopting a mobile-first approach.

While Paytm may be accessed online, authentication is currently only possible via the mobile app. Scan the QR code that displays on the web page to launch the app. Online lending platform Navi is no different. Although the site’s blog entries and landing pages are a treasure of knowledge, the app must be utilized for any monetary transactions.

Crucial Digital Marketing Approach for FinTech

If a market leader offered helpful advice in a world where everyone is attempting to sell you something, would you take it? Your financial company’s reputation may be improved by the distribution of articles, reels, posts, videos, tweets, blogs, webinars, and ebooks. Customers will start to have more faith in your company, which will increase sales.

To assist others, share your knowledge on personal finance. When it comes to customer service, Zerodha’s strength is in enlightening clients, not pressuring them to buy. Free stock market and financial education is available from Zerodha Varsity’s faculty of industry professionals.

Harness The Advantages of Video Advertising

Unboxfame that by 2020, 96 percent of consumers will have seen explanatory videos on company pages. Now that you know what you’ve been missing, video marketing is something your organization should be using.

Effective digital advertising for finance includes videos that may be disseminated through many platforms and reached by many people. Despite its popularity among young people on YouTube, the investing app Groww is relatively unknown in India’s financial technology sector. The company’s YouTube presence includes the “Trading With Groww” channel, aimed at newcomers to the trading market; the “Grow Plus” channel, aimed at young adults, which offers advice on topics like personal finance, career advancement, and interpersonal relationships; and the “Groww Tamil” channel, aimed at native Tamil speakers. Groww’s five regional YouTube advertising channels.

Marketing with videos should include more than just a YouTube account. It’s possible to use Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, or pop-up videos.

Collaboration with Influencers

Some influential people have millions of followers, whereas popular brand accounts only have thousands. For instance, CRED’s estimated 84,500 Instagram followers: (in January 2022). Recently, they teamed up with Bollywood star Deepika Padukone for a holiday campaign. Instagram has amassed an astounding 63.9 million users as of this writing. Therefore, your fintech business will gain from working with influential members of your specialty. 

Once again, Groww is a shining example of how fintech firms may benefit from smart use of. 360 Digital Marketing Services Over twenty YouTube personalities, including Nitin Bhatia of Labour Law Advisor, Basic Gyaan of B Wealthy, and Praveen Dilliwala, have worked with the fintech company to advertise its goods and services.

Use Social Media Networks to Your Advantage

It’s a timeless classic that everyone enjoys. People spend considerable amounts of time on social media, so having a presence there is essential for marketing your goods and services. Find out which network is ideal for your financial digital advertising campaign. Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to determine who you’re trying to reach before diving into the specifics of how they use social media. Informed by this data, you may then craft messages for a particular audience.

CoinDCX is an exemplary case of a finance company using social media successfully. The first “unicorn” company in India’s cryptocurrency industry, CoinDCX, is active on Instagram. In order to educate its users about cryptocurrencies, it provides tips, quizzes, surveys, and viral memes. When advertising on Instagram, CoinDCX often posts screenshots of its tweets. The mobile payment app Venmo takes design cues from popular social networking platforms.

Send Personalized Messages And Alerts

The strength of a company’s client connections is crucial to its long-term prosperity. One tactic is to create an effective system of personalized messages that speaks directly to your target audience. It’s undeniable that keeping in touch with customers in a timely manner is directly correlated with repeat business. And if you are looking for domain research services you can contact our experts.

If you make your message about the user, it will do very well. One of the many great things about the Paytm app is that it sends customers useful and creative reminders to make sure they pay their bills on time. Use of memes, pop culture references, and regional idioms to express ideas is both clever and successful.

Make Your Brand a Jargon That Everyone Uses

There are just a handful of organizations, both in the fintech and non-fintech spheres, who have been able to successfully adopt this approach. As an example, Xerox has become so ubiquitous in India that the name “photocopy” has been totally phased out.

One such Indian financial startup is Paytm. “Paytm Karo” has become synonymous with “UPI transaction.” If you have your sights set on becoming a household name in the fintech industry, enlisting the services of a seasoned Digital Marketing Services may be a huge boon to your success.

Investigate Existing Client Opportunities

The best way to grow a company is by attracting more of its current consumers. They may be up- or cross-sold with little effort. Opportunities with current clients are investigated by CRED. CRED Mint, a brand new investing platform, allows subscribers to put their spare cash to work and earn up to 9% annualized returns. To ensure that the funds raised by the membership are used by responsible borrowers, we conduct extensive background checks on all of our borrowers.

Through word-of-mouth and digital marketing, your current clientele may become your most vocal brand champions. Fintech’s digital marketing approach requires careful planning, since it must strike a balance between providing instant gratification and building up credit.

Having an affiliate programme may help you reach a wider audience. A win-win situation results from just paying them for successful sales they generate. Relevant clicks may be gained via links on trusted, high-authority sites.

The aforementioned fintech marketing methods may aid in securing finance, expanding your consumer base, and giving you a leg up on the competition. When it comes to establishing new benchmarks, our team at Egniol (The top Startup consultant in India) is here to help you out by putting your requirements first and turning your goals into reality.