Why Do Brands Need To Embed YouTube Videos With Social Media Aggregators

embed youtube videos

Brands and businesses use social media aggregators to gather, curate and embed content from different social media channels. These tools are used to integrate the website with multiple benefits including increased dwell time, user engagement, brand visibility, and better brand awareness.

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms. YouTube users use it mainly to view videos and listen to audio.

Video is engaging and can attract customers more than other forms of communication. Embedding a YouTube widget on your website can be a very effective marketing strategy to improve all aspects of businesses.

Continue reading to learn how a social media aggregator can help embed YouTube Channel videos for your business.

Reasons to use Social Media Aggregators to Embed YouTube Videos

You can benefit in other ways too, such as effortlessly collecting, curating and embedding YouTube video clips into your website.

Tap into your Emotional Quotient

Video is more informative and can connect with audiences better than written text, so it creates an emotional connection.

Videos are more appealing to audiences because they are visuals. It is also a well-known fact that visuals can attract ten times more people than any other form of communication.

You will get more attention from potential users if you tap into their emotions.

Increased User Engagement

Video messages are more effective than written text because they can be understood and processed by large audiences.

YouTube videos allow you to be more specific and detailed, and can even show a demo of the product or service. This will increase your customer engagement and help you get more attention.

Increased effectiveness in the promotion of product/service

Videos are more concise, direct and include visuals. This makes them a better medium for promoting products more effectively and efficiently.

YouTube allows you to create and edit detailed videos about your product, and then embed them on your website for more effective promotion.

Reach Out To A Wider Audience

Your YouTube video will be embedded on your website. This will increase its reach. Your YouTube videos are only visible to your followers. Your visitors and potential customers can also view the videos on your website. This increases your reach.

Increase your YouTube followers

Your website visitors and potential customers can view your videos by embedding them on their website. You can be sure that your visitors will enjoy your content and eventually become regular YouTube subscribers if they find it interesting.

More Sales & Conversions

Increased user engagement, brand visibility and awareness, effective promotions and a rise in followers are all factors that can lead to increased sales and conversions. You will see an increase in brand conversions and sales once you begin to notice the benefits and start reaping them.

Improves Local SEO Rankings

Video is more engaging and expressive than written text, as we have already mentioned. When you embed a Youtube widget on your website, visitors will be more inclined to stay longer.

Your visitors will spend more time exploring videos on your website, which will result in a higher rank for your website on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

Final Thoughts

YouTube has more than 2 billion users around the world. It is the fastest-growing social media platform. YouTube is primarily used by businesses and brands to connect with potential and existing customers via audio and video.

Videos can help brands attract and grow their reach and bring them closer to their customers.

Although embedding YouTube videos on a website offers many benefits, it is easier to use a social media aggregator tool that embeds videos.

A social media aggregator platform should seamlessly integrate a YouTube channel with the website. It should be simple to set up, and it should also be responsive with many other features.

Once you have an official website, a YouTube channel and the right social media aggregator platform, you can start embedding.