Who Is A Social Media Expert? What Does It Do?

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 “Social media specialist” has become a profession that is often heard by everyone who is not related today. As we all witness, professions are constantly evolving due to the rapid flow of the digital world. Today, no matter what type of business or brand you are, a professional social media management will always be a developer for your brand. Sometimes it is very normal to think that you do not need an expert for social media management, and that you can do it yourself to share a post and a story. However, things are not that easy. If it was that easy, would it be in the middle of our lives in a profession called social media expertise? We don’t think so.

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What is a Social Media Specialist?

Social media experts; They are the people who carry out their digital marketing activities in line with the strategy they have developed in order to increase brand awareness and visibility. Social media expertise focuses on creating creative and engaging digital content for various social media platforms of a brand/company/business. In addition, social media experts, the results of the steps taken in line with the marketing strategy, returns, effective use of the budget, etc. They always follow the progress of the brand for which they undertake the social media management by reporting on the issues. They can change the direction of the strategy by creating a plan B in cases that go wrong or unexpected actions.

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

Social media experts; He develops social media content plans that are consistent with the identity of the brand he works with.

  • Creates, edits and publishes visual and text content of social media posts on time.
  • Creates content to increase customer engagement and interaction and improve social media campaigns.
  • It handles high volume daily social media posts.
  • Communicates with all social media followers with the responsibility of responding to all inquiries and messages in a timely manner.
  • Influencer manages and develops the marketing strategy and takes part in related activities.
  • It uses analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Pro and Facebook Insights to track and evaluate the social media performance of the brand it works for.
  • It creates monthly reports in terms of the progress of social media marketing efforts.
  • It offers strategic suggestions and creative ideas to achieve the most effective results in social media strategy.

They always dominate the dynamics of social media. They continuously follow the current flow and new trends and integrate them into their strategies where necessary.

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Responsibilities of social media expert

The most important responsibility of social media experts is to provide the best promotional environment for brands with their own creative and simple arguments. Another basic responsibility is to determine a good marketing strategy and to always update and develop this strategy according to the campaign trends. At this stage, brands should always observe the target audience changes according to the medium.

Apart from these, social media experts should examine and analyze the social media strategies of competing brands. According to these analyzes, making moves that will make their own brands superior, standing out from the competitors with the most creative content in the competitive environment, and keeping the interest of the current and potential audience always fresh are critical responsibilities.

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What Skills Should a Social Media Specialist Have?

Marketing, communication etc. Bachelor’s degree in related fields,

  • Mastering the spirit and dynamics of social media,
  • Having creative content productivity while thinking strategically,
  • Experience in using the necessary analysis tools,
  • HTML and CSS working knowledge,
  • Multitasking and time management skills
  • The habit of working in an active environment, ready to take action at any time,

Skills such as being always open to learning and mastering the ever-evolving digital world are ideal qualities that a social media expert should have.

What Do You Need to Do to Become a Social Media Expert?

There are no university departments named Social Media Management or Social Media Specialist yet. However, social media is now included as a sub-field in some of the communication faculties. Therefore, being a graduate of communication department is a good step for social media expertise, especially if you have read the social media sub-field. Unfortunately it is not enough. As in all communication departments, how much you have developed yourself in this field, your technical competencies, and your dominance of social media will be very important determinants.

 Apart from a bachelor’s degree, you can start to progress towards becoming a social media specialist, as well as having general knowledge about social media with social media certificate programs and trainings. The most important criterion for being a good social media expert is experience.

The experience you gain in the social media space is what will best develop your strategic and creative skills. Therefore, the only thing that will prevent you from being a communication graduate or from many trainings is to have a good experience. The experience period that creates a good perception in the sector is generally 3 years or more.