What Role does CRM play in Digital Marketing?

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At its core, digital marketing is always about the customer.

Whatever marketing activities you plan for your business and implement will always have your customers at the center. Your customer’s journey will determine what kind of marketing strategies you implement. You will need to take into consideration your customer’s pain points, touchpoints, and any other feedback you obtain from your customer.

When you create customer-centric digital marketing campaigns, you may have different marketing messages for a customer at the top of the funnel, as compared to a customer further down.

To track your customer’s journey and their contact information, we need a system that will bring all of your customer data into one platform. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will do just that!

So without a moment further, let us learn what a CRM system is and why it is so important for your digital marketing activities.

What is a CRM System?

A CRM system is a software that helps businesses nurture their relationships with clients. In addition to this, a CRM system will also help your organization with time management, efficiency and help you make better future decisions.

The CRM system first made an appearance in the 1990s, where it was primarily used to track emails, calls and analyze customer interactions. But, it has grown since then into a more comprehensive system that will not only increase your sales but also provide focused digital marketing strategies for your customers.

A cloud-based CRM will capture large amounts of data that can be used throughout your customer journey. The best part is that a CRM is focused on making the most of your customer interactions and leads.

The system will provide you with an overall comprehensive picture of all of your customers so you can make the most profitable decisions for your business.

Why do I Need a CRM System for my Business?

This is a question that most business owners ask. The answer is simple: your customers are your main focus, and you want to get as many of those as you can. To do that, you need to:

  • Educate and provide them with important information about your product and service at every step of their journey.
  • Have a system that will generate marketing leads and help you track at which stage each customer is.

The biggest mistake that some business owners make is thinking they can do it all. You can’t reach out to all of your customers at each stage of their customer journey manually. Digital nomad jobs are all the rage now, and you could hire a remote expert to take care of your digital marketing needs. But, you need to understand the basics of what an automated system can do for your business when it is scaled up to provide results.

What Role will my CRM System play in Digital Marketing

A digital marketing strategy will have a CRM at its center. Digital marketing strategies will be based on information being fed into your CRM, and your system will be a key player in making sure your digital marketing strategies are effective and efficient. 

Trying to scale your marketing strategies is only possible if you have customer data at your disposal. Data can only be collected through a CRM system.

What your CRM will do digital marketing-wise:

  • Synergize digital marketing strategy with your CRM customer data
  • Personalize your digital marketing strategies for your customers
  • Connect one on one to your customers through personalized contact
  • Will make your digital marketing more cost-effective

One of the advantages of having a CRM system is that it will not only make interactions with your customers more meaningful it will also make your team more efficient and enhance their capabilities. A CRM system will make sure everyone on your team is on the same page and that they all have access to the same customer data. This will reduce time and cost.

Can I improve Sales with a CRM System?

Yes! A CRM system is imperative to increasing sales for your business. Why? Well, a CRM system will give your sales team invaluable information about clients. They can use that data to decide what kind of marketing and engagement your customer needs at a certain point in the sales funnel.

Advantages of using a CRM for your sales team:

  • Prioritize time for key prospects so that valuable time is not lost
  • Segment data so you can target customers more efficiently
  • Use forecasting and reporting to make important sales decisions
  • Get to know your customers want
  • Helps to offer better customer service, which results in more sales

It is clear from the above that without a proper CRM system in place, your sales team will be lost. They will not be able to focus and prioritize, which needs the most attention. Imagine a ship without a rudder.

Which CRM Systems are the Best for Digital Marketing-focused Brands?

Now that you know having a CRM system is imperative for your business, you probably would like to know which system is the best when it comes to digital marketing. So let’s look at a few of the ones available in the market that are digital marketing-focused:

1.      Monday.com

With a project management tool inbuilt to the CRM, this software helps the sales team complete tasks by turning the task of completing them into a game. It helps teams collaborate and stay on task while also nurturing leads.

Perk: Automated follow-up reminders for important tasks.

2.      HubSpot CRM

One of the most popular CRMs, the HubSpot CRM, will create leads and email marketing campaigns while synergizing with your website.

Perk: Free ad management tools to convert visitors from landing pages to qualified leads.

3.      Keap CRM

Keap CRM is an all-in-one sales marketing platform that offers sales pipelines and automated marketing options.

Perk: Drag and drop email builder option is a great tool to build marketing emails.

4.      ActiveCampaign CRM

The ActiveCampaign allows you to track the entire sales cycle and see customers at each touchpoint.

Perk: The auto-responder option helps to improve communication with customers.

5.      Real Estate CRM

The Real Estate CRM is a great CRM to use if you are in the real estate business. This CRM will build reports that you can use to analyze your customer interactions.

Perk: Save time with automating workflows. Real-time repetitive tasks get done with no effort.

Digital Marketing and CRM Systems – Takeaway

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your business is something that you will not be able to do unless you track your customers. Having a CRM system that tracks engagement and your customer’s journey will enable you to create an efficient and result-driven strategy that works. Waste no more time and get a CRM for your business today!