What is an Employment Agency or Temp Agency?

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An employment agency is an agency that helps potential workers meet jobs. The main objective of an employment agency or temp agency is to find workers or different job seekers and hire them for different companies.

There are many companies out there that require manpower or employees but they do not go through the dedicated hiring process themselves. So what these companies do is hire an employment agency to run the overall hiring process. These employment agencies can be operating on a local level or even a state level. These employment agencies are usually owned by private organizations.

As these organizations are hired by a company, they will look for suitable people to recruit for specific jobs as per the requirements of the company. leading staffing services Canada can help you find your desired job in Canada or wherever you want. Check them out.

Some agencies work for a single company for a specific period and handle all the recruitment procedures for that company only. They hire people with different skill sets to fill the specific vacancies the company has to offer. While some temp agencies focus on specific fields like office attendant, security, or even technology. Different companies hire these agencies if they have vacancies to recruit only in specific fields like technology or security.

As of now, we have a basic idea of what recruitment agencies are all about. But now we are going to have a deeper discussion on How do these employment agencies find employees and what is their selection procedure or how do they find potential candidates and how do they hire them.

Ways to look for clients for your recruiting agency:

As a recruiter you know exactly how important it is to find clients for you to survive. Let’s look at some of the ways your recruiting agency can find more clients.

  1. Posting your service on job posting websites can be a good option. Some recruiters may not have the confidence and have given up hope of finding good clients. But underusing this technique can make you miss out on some of the high-paying clients.

Do regular searches and see if any businesses are repeatedly coming to the sites, then there are high chances that they are struggling to find deserving candidates. These businesses might be heading towards rapid expansion and looking for some recruiting agencies to take the burden of hiring top candidates for their company.

These kinds of businesses will surely welcome your service.

  1. Social Media platforms: Social media is going to stay here for a very long time and there is no question about that. Platforms like Facebook, Linkedin are not only for social use. Businesses use them for so many purposes. You can also join different pages and groups on these platforms as they have huge potential to build contacts and make clients.  If any company is looking for recruiting services, they will notice your agency’s profile and in the future, they can contact you.
  1. E-mail marketing and follow-up calls: In the time of YouTube and social media people may assume that marketing your service through E-mail is back-dated. Of course, it is not. As most of these businesses like to communicate through emails, with an effective email marketing plan you can come up with potential clients.

Search on the internet about different companies from small to large and make a list of businesses you want to approach to offer your recruiting service. Then use the right software and mass marketing emails by maintaining a standard template.

But there is a big mistake that you must avoid, that is not coming up with a follow-up message or mail. As businesses get tons of emails regularly, your mail may be crashed under hundreds of other mails. Thus most of the emails get neglected or ignored. Sometimes businesses forget about your email because of the day-to-day business activities.

This is why coming with a follow-up call is important. Many times businesses read your email and they are also interested in your service as well but they forget. A follow-up message works as a gentle reminder. You can go for a polite inquiry and send another email about “ Have you got our mail? Are you interested ?”. This will help them recall and reach out to you once they need it.

  1. Content Marketing: Content marketing is another way of reaching out to people who require the service you are offering.

When companies are searching for a recruitment service, the first thing they will do is google it. Then read a few blogs of different recruitment services and hire an agency they found the most promising.

It is a long-term process. As search engines promote high-quality content and blogs on organic search results, you need to upload high-quality content and blogs about your recruiting service regularly. Gradually it will rank higher and businesses will reach out to you. As your content ranks higher, it will bring credibility to your service. Chances of getting new clients will be higher. But remember, it is a time-consuming process. So you need to be patient and upload quality blogs daily before getting your first client.

  1. Networking: Building networks are very important in these businesses. Some businesses may not need your recruiting service right now but they know someone who needs it, so they recommended your service to them. This is the way networking works. A strong network can bring a lot of clients.

Mouth referrals are also considered an effective way of networking where you ask your previous clients to share their experiences and feedback with other businesses. So when they require recruiting services, they can reach out to you first.

These steps are considered the most effective ways you can get business clients and provide recruiting services.

As a recruitment agency, one of the most difficult tasks is to find skilled candidates who match the companies’ expectations. To find highly skilled right candidates for recruitment there are some well-planned recruiting strategies that temp agencies need to follow. Some of them are discussed below. Make sure you check them out.

  1. Define your ideal candidate: Before knowing how to recruit, you must be aware of whom to recruit. You need to have a clear image in your mind about the ideal candidate you are looking to hire. And only then you will be able to find them, attract them and finally recruit them.

Have proper knowledge and understanding about what skills they have to offer and what are their preferences and motivation. Defining your ideal candidate demands step by step detailed planning. This process will make the overall recruiting process more effective and efficient.

  1. Describe the job description properly: This is a mistake performed by most agencies. They start recruiting without properly understanding the demands of the company and the job profile.

What the recruitment agencies should do is to understand the purpose of the hiring and then write the job description accordingly.

Only a detailed job description can convey the idea of what the company is exactly looking for. Thus the employment agency will be able to find the right fit for the job. You can check out leading staffing services Canada and learn more about hiring proper candidates.

  1. Use proper Recruitment Marketing Tools: Finding the right candidates without using the right tools is very hard. These tools also improve the candidate experience. Sending relevant information timely about different jobs to the aspiring candidates will help your recruiting agency grow.
  1. Optimize your website: Optimizing your website will help it rank higher in the search results when candidates are specifically looking for the jobs your agency is recruiting. You can add the company names with whom you are associated. This will provide a positive candidate experience.
  1. Make use of Applicant tracking system: Applicant tracking system provides many solutions but making the selection and hiring process faster is its main objective. A faster-recruiting process enhances the candidate experience. Thus more candidates will be attracted and apply for different jobs.
  2. Use powerful recruiting software: Today as technology has advanced so much, employment agencies no longer need to use manual searches to find skilled candidates. With the use of powerful recruiting software, finding job candidates has become a lot easier.

This software first finds the job candidates, then thoroughly goes through their profiles and looks for specific keywords related to the specific job. After that, it sends the relevant applications to the talent pool.

  1. Final Interview: After shortlisting the applicant based on the skills and company requirements, the employment agency must organize a final interview before the final selection. Ask relevant questions associated with the job profile and then select those who reflect those qualities the company is looking for.


Different employment agencies or temp agencies provide different types of services. Some of them are long-term while some are short-term. Some recruiting agencies also hire permanent candidates for companies. Leading staffing services Canada can help you find the different jobs in Canada. These temp agencies simplify the overall hiring process for companies, especially for entry-level jobs and middle-level jobs.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.