Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Digital Marketing Company

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With the digital advertising industry changing rapidly and presenting new challenges daily, experts believe that 2021 will be a game-changer.

The world has been increasingly moving towards digital in recent years. While 2020 became the year when the digital ecosystem gained many new users. Digital marketing became one of the most effective mediums for reaching out to people locked inside their homes, glued to their phone and tablet screens.

The nationwide lockdown boosted augmented reality, mobile marketing, digital animation, video content, voice search, and influencer marketing, making it an exciting year for digital marketers. While digital marketing was taking center stage, the economic slowdown and uncertainty impacted market sentiment by enhancing the industry. However, during this volatile period, the industry attempted to eliminate inefficiencies to become more productive. 

The world is moving toward a future of digital marketing.

Future Marketing Trends for Crisis Periods in 2021

If your business has still not gone digital, 2021 will undoubtedly highlight the importance of doing so. Since the implementation of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing requirements, the world has become increasingly digital-centric. Brands must consider what the best approach to digital marketing will be for them. Companies should then work on successful implementation for their target audiences.

Most likely, the industry as a whole will determine social media marketing trends that will influence 2021. For example, few automobile companies have incorporated AI into their marketing strategy, which provides their customers with an augmented reality experience with 3D car models. At the same time, Fashion Weeks worldwide used augmented reality to execute their runway shows. Restaurants use mobile apps to allow consumers to order their food safely while also promoting home delivery.

More trends will emerge over time to meet other customer needs, allowing industries of all types to enter the digital age and compete with competitors in the industry. Businesses must learn new marketing strategies for crises to provide significant and relevant benefits to their customers when this is most needed.

Here we have summarised what industry insiders say about digital marketing company:

1. Posts directly linking to shopping: 

This trend is already on the upswing, but by the end of 2021, digital marketing companies will make it more prevalent. Customers are always looking for the simplest and quickest way to shop. It is why, when using various social media platforms, users can click on a post and purchase an item featured in it. Individuals now spend a considerable amount of time scrolling through their phones on various digital platforms. It enables brands to reach out to customers via shoppable posts.

2. Audio Search: 

Insiders say that people are constantly looking for the most convenient way to obtain information or news, so it stands to reason that voice search technology will be on the rise in 2021. Digital marketing companies will need to develop their content for voice-friendly terms and phrases to increase their searchability. They are becoming more prevalent in modern households. And their usage is only expected to rise as more lockdowns quarantines are implementing.

3. Video Content: According to the insiders, visual content will be an active part of digital marketing campaign tactics. People are more likely to engage with a video than with other forms of content such as blogs or written content, so live streaming will help persuade and attract consumers to a brand for potential conversions.

4. Chatbot: Customers still want a human touch when shopping online. It is why marketers will make use of artificial intelligence chat boxes to meet their customer needs. These chat boxes will speak to customers in complete sentences, answering any questions they may have while shopping, creating the illusion of human interaction and involving the customer more in the process.

5. Augmented Reality: Due to the increasing popularity of artificial reality, businesses will implement this trend more than ever in 2021. AR will allow consumers to view products in 3D before deciding whether or not to purchase a specific product. Customers will be able to do their shopping in person without leaving their homes, thanks to artificial reality.

6. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality, like artificial reality, will see increased marketing use in 2021. Digital marketing companies will give customers the illusion of in-store shopping by using devices such as VR glasses.

7. Engaging Content: Through interactive content, digital marketing companies experiment with new ways to keep consumers interested in their products. Companies will widely use online surveys, polls, and shoppable posts across e-commerce social media platforms and websites. With everyone competing for user attention due to increased online usage, it is critical that your brand is unique and stands out from the crowd. Content creation has given rise to professional ghostwriting services. Creating interactive content that is consistent with your brand’s identity and goals will aid in this endeavor.

8. Social Messaging Innovations: While some social media platforms are ideal for users to chat with their friends and family. As business owners are now making use of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for networking purposes. Digital Marketers will most likely use these social messaging platforms in 2021 to reach their target audience while networking with other brands.

9. Programmatic Marketing: Digital marketing companies will be able to buy ads in real-time situations, placing ads in desirable locations while their target audience is present. It is also a good strategy because brands will be willing to spend their marketing budgets more wisely.

10. Artificial Intelligence Development: In general, artificial intelligence development will continue to accelerate in 2021. Marketers are discovering new technologies to improve customer service and using AI to obtain detailed information quickly. It gathers consumer data, tracks sales, and user patterns, or implements improved email marketing trends. Digital marketers will fully utilize artificial intelligence in 2021.


Digital marketing companies and new technology are expected to skyrocket in 2021. Industries must adopt if they are to reach consumers better, care for employees, gain more valuable insights, and create better customer experiences that are likely to lead to sales. All industries can adapt; it is up to businesses to prioritize these emerging trends before becoming commonplace.