What Are The Best LinkedIn Data Scraper Tools For Startups And Big Firms?

LinkedIn Lead Extractor

What Is LinkedIn Data Scraping?

LinkedIn Data scraping is a form of extracting information from a LinkedIn personal or business profile and saving it in a spreadsheet or local file for use. LinkedIn data scraping does not require repetitive typing or copy-pasting and has a wide range of filters to get necessary data. Data scraped from LinkedIn can be used for unlimited purposes in various fields like email marketing, telemarketing, mobile marketing, digital marketing, etc.

What Are The Best LinkedIn Data Scrapers For Startups And Organizations?

A LinkedIn Data Scraper often refers to a LinkedIn automation tool that extracts data from LinkedIn without any programming and human efforts. It not only scrapes necessary data from LinkedIn profiles such as email address, phone number, social media links, website links, etc., but also exports them in an Excel, CSV, or Text file for use. There are millions of users and businesses on LinkedIn – they all share their contact information publicly to approach them that is accessible only through a LinkedIn Data Grabber.


Now we know the definition of LinkedIn Data Extractor, I am going to further share a list of the top 3 LinkedIn scraping tools.

Top 3 LinkedIn Scraping Tools To Scrape Data From LinkedIn Without Coding

LinkedIn Lead Extractor

As one of the best LinkedIn automation web scraping tools in the market, LinkedIn Lead Extractor was developed for non-coders to scrape profiles data from LinkedIn.

It also provides an intuitive point-and-click interface and supports dealing with infinite scrolling, log-in authentication, text input (for scraping search results), as well as clicking through drop-down menus. Scrapped data can be exported as Excel, CSV, Text, or to databases. If you want to scrape data for a specific industry, you can put your keywords in the search bar of the LinkedIn Email Finder and it will automatically find all the results related to your keywords and then you can export these search results in Excel, CSV, or Text files for use.

For scraping data from LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn Profile Scraper already published many elaborated tutorials, like scraping emails from LinkedIn and extracting mobile numbers from LinkedIn profiles.  If you are tight on time and tired from copy-paste, it may be a good alternative to consider. You can use the software for 3 days free, but cannot export data. To enable the export option, purchase the license of the software for only 39.99$ for a complete month.

LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Scraper is another coding-free desktop LinkedIn scraper in the market, supporting all versions of windows. With no prior programming background required, LinkedIn Company Finder can extract and export website links, email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information to Excel, CSV, or Text databases.

LinkedIn Company URL Extractor has outstanding “Fast Scrape” features, which quickly scrapes business data from a list of URLs that you feed in and you can find prospects by business names and categories also. You can use it free for 3 days, but you cannot export the data, if  you want to export data then you have to buy the license of the software for just 39.99$ for a whole month.

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

It is the best tool for big firms, who want to hire talented staff. LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper can find and scrape potential candidates’ data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter for hiring purposes. You just need to enter your keywords in the search bar of the LinkedIn Data Grabber and it will automatically find, extract, and export contact details for targeted keywords in Excel, CSV, or Text files for the user. It has a free trial with some limitations, but you can enjoy all features of the LinkedIn Scraping tool for just 49.99$/month.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn Data scraping has a vast number of use cases that are not limited to just moving data from one place to another. Whether you’re a big organization, a freelancer, a data provider, a marketer, or a startup, you can use the LinkedIn Scraping Tools to scrape data from LinkedIn even if you don’t have any programming background.