We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best free SEO tools available in 2021.

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At times, SEO can appear to be a time-consuming and costly investment. But who says that generating organic traffic needs to be expensive? Before engaging in an expensive membership, there are a wealth of free SEO sites to try out. In fact, even if you’re new to SEO, you’ll probably discover that with the help of these free SEO tools, you can create and implement a solid strategy.

Free Keyword Research Tools

All of these free SEO tools will help you generate more keywords. Others are more concerned with subject relevancy and user search queries, while others are more focused with keyword generation.

Answer one of the best keyword research resources for developing a list of ultra-relevant phrases and subjects is The Public. a reaction The Public shows the actual search terms and keywords that people use on Google and Bing to discover information. After you’ve discovered a couple of these questions and themes, you may create content that addresses what people truly want to read about. If you need some quick suggestions for what themes and questions your content should cover, this is a terrific tool to keep all of your content efforts very focused and topical.

Keywords can be found in a variety of places.

Install Keywords Everywhere, a Chrome and Firefox browser plugin that displays term suggestions with volume indications while you search the web. Keywords everywhere is useful for snooping on competitor sites’ pages to check what keywords and metrics they’re employing because of its format. This is a terrific way to get keyword ideas while you’re on the go.


Ubersuggest is a wonderful keyword analysis tool if you’re searching for a user-friendly platform with a little more support. While looking for keyword ideas, Ubersuggest selects keywords that will benefit the site’s rankings and organic traffic. The keywords page gives a few samples of how each term has been used and identifies which keywords have the least degree of competition. The platform’s visual interface, which displays terms as a word cloud, is ideal for highlighting each proposal. Shitter is a term used to describe a person whoYes, you read it correctly – we aren’t joking when it comes to the name of this keyword analysis method.

Enter a seed term and press Enter to generate a list of keyword suggestions. You can check data like cost per click, term length, and competition outcomes using our free keyword analysis tool. Frequently Asked Also Asked is a keyword research tool that focuses on providing answers to users’ questions. It’s ideal for producing engaging content that people want to read.

Keyworddit is a search engine that helps you find what you’re looking for.

Maintaining significant and focused content on your website is critical for increasing dwell time and search rankings. You may also use the country and language filters to narrow down your results. Keyworddit is another useful keyword analysis tool if you’re looking to create more focused content and reach a specific audience schema local business generator. A list of relevant keywords shows when you input a subreddit, along with the monthly search traffic for each phrase in the United States. This is a really handy tool if you want to target specific hobbies or groups of people.

Tools for Link Building for Free: You’ll need an excellent backlink strategy to increase your site’s ranks. Although you may believe that the finest backlink checkers are all expensive, there are a number of free services accessible to assist you in evaluating your current profile and developing a link-building strategy. Download the free Chrome plugin to see link metrics and identify broken links on any website while searching on Google with Link Miner (Backlinko).

You’ll have to pay to use Link Miner’s backlink checker in its entirety, even though the Chrome extension is free. With a massive link database of over 35 trillion connections, Explorer of Links (Moz) Connection Explorer is perhaps the largest and most reliable backlink checker and database on the market right now.

The backlink profile and domain authority for any connection you enter into the tool will be displayed. With a free account, you can run up to 10 search queries per month with up to 50 rows of data.

Free SEO Tools for On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO tools work as real-time SEO assistants, optimising your pages and copy in real time to help you achieve top rankings. Experiment with a large amount of data.

This free SEO tool can inform you if your site can provide rich results. You might be wondering what rich effects are. It’s when Google uses non-textual factors like images in search results to help you rank higher. Rich Results Test creates mobile and desktop copies of your material so that it can appear in Google’s search result snippets.

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