6 Amazing Web Development Trends to Follow In 2021

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In this digital world, websites are playing an informative role in the business segments. Furthermore, websites are presenting a great way to run your online business. With over 1.94 billion sites across the world, there are several websites on a variety of domains. The transfer of technology in web development tools has induced companies to expand their web development paradigm to the climax.

Be it eCommerce or Content Marketing, the notion of a website has drastically transformed over the years, and websites are now heading ahead into web apps that build a great user experience. As web development technologies have significantly extended to mobile devices, many businesses require technological integration into the web development industry.

However, technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and relevant industries are building rigorous web development tactics with the latest horizons to get unveiled. 

Here are 6 Amazing web development trends to follow in 2021.

1. Progressive Web Apps 

PWAs is a  new edition to the web development industry that constitutes advanced options such as offline mode, responsive and intuitive web-enabled experiences. It contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to deliver top-notch web applications. 

Consequently, there is direct traction towards progressive web apps. Moreover, companies want a mobile-friendly approach in delivering similar instances through their websites using PWAs. It constitutes both mobile and desktop, providing a complete breakdown of web apps across multiple devices.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages are entirely different from the average PWAs, and they give higher UI/UX design aesthetics with basic features. The fascinating feature of AMP is speed optimization. They are fast loading website pages built using plugins.

AMP Plugins are comparatively popular for an intuitive user interface without any complicated coding issues. It is a readable web page that makes the user-experience robust and appealing to the developers, QA testers, and SEO specialists 

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a new family member of the latest web development trends. Companies around the world are functioning across the integrated solutions that are associated with Artificial Intelligence. The applications of AI include Machine Learning, which helps businesses to automate and predict relevant approaches.

The companies use three ways to help their websites to become smart and intelligent.  The first step is to use supervised learning. It helps the algorithms to learn from data on your site for practical approaches or strategic techniques under human control and leadership. 

The second step is unsupervised learning, which explores self-learning website apps. AI models get integrated into your site. Analyze real-time information, process it, and provide intuitive and intelligent responses to user requests.

The third method is to improve your site via reinforced learning. It can assess user problems and provides intuitive solutions that are explicit to the users. These AI integrations provide high-level patterns of personalizations with the essence of Artificial Intelligence.

4. Gamification

Gamification is an appealing technique used by the designer to insert gameplay elements in non-gaming configurations, enabling them to enhance the user engagement patterns with the product or service page. It is not about transforming the user interface into games. You can also use it to inject fun elements into applications and systems that would otherwise lack immediacy or relevance for the users. 

Are you looking to inspire users by introducing gamification into an existing system, you must apply gameplay, rule structure, and goals for ‘serious’ or ‘difficult’ tasks. It enables you to gamify the system in several intuitive ways, from countdowns to encouragement to complete – percent of a task. The people would enjoy interaction and satisfaction for their interest. However, you can also incorporate a suitable social element to improve engagement patterns to the climax.

5. Single Page Sites 

The Single Page Site is a website that comprises one page without any extra page including services or about us page. The content is loaded on the initial site page, redirected by the links that enable users to identify different information on the site page. These websites are comprehensive and widely contribute to an instinctive user journey.

Hence, by condensing the essential information into a well-structured single page site, it is an easier way to grasp visitors’ attention and control the order in which they gather information in comparison to the multi-page sites. The more intuitive form is the design and development of similar sites that require less time and money and is easy to optimize for mobile devices.

6. Motion UI

The notion of Animations, transitions, and graphics is quite useful for creating intuitive web pages, apps, and sites. Precisely, Motion UI is one of the latest front-end technologies used to enforce the website’s interface. It’s a complete library that constitutes many animations that enable developers to create new ones and make the most of them. The technological transitions are beneficial for the inducement of user engagement that eventually boosts the user experience and increases the time consumed on your site.

For Instance, the Google Translate team has been working on gender minimization bias for gender-neutral phrases and keywords. The team is explicitly designing the simple animation that focuses on the user’s attention on a specific pattern of information at a time. As early as the user starts typing, the text field remains unsolicited and compressed, but at the finishing stage – the box repeatedly expands to showcase your masculine and feminine translations.

Wrapping Up

In this current pandemic situation, most businesses are looking for remote resources for their businesses. The afore-mentioned web development trends would possibly drive a significant amount of alterations to the web existence to enforce patterns of PWAs, Motion UI, Gamification, AI, AMP, Single Page Sites, and much more to revive the power of web development technologies in 2021. 


Anas Dilshad is a Digital Marketing Expert at wpexperts.io. I like to spend my time reading books, and it develops my knowledge on various topics. It also helps me in connecting with the digital world. I love to create content on WordPress and WooCommerce to convert my experience into blogging.