4 Web Design Factors To Make E-Commerce Portals Get Quality Leads In 2022

web design factors

Businesses around the world look for new trends and concepts that they can apply in their web design. There are several ways in which it can determine their success or failure as many visitors get attracted by a unique design. Coming up with a novel approach every year can make a website get the makeover it deserves. It can be related to a complete overhaul of the design or some major changes to make it look attractive. 

Please go through this blog as I discuss web design and development factors for the upcoming year with the Middle East region and marketplace in Dubai in mind. These factors are especially very helpful to lead nurturing and offer your potential customers great support while browsing through your website. 

1. Smart Content Load

Doesn’t matter how much exceptional content you have created for your website. For the use of images and videos that made your website look awesome, if it won’t load quickly, then the very purpose of Designing the website will be lost. That is why smart content will be one of the best strategies to follow in 2022.

This strategy is related to the loading of intent which you think is more relatable to your target audience.  especially if you are looking to engage visitors on your website coming from a particular region, then this will be the icing on the cake. For example, if you want people from Dubai to view a discounted offer that will last for only a few days, you can design your website accordingly.

This approach can effectively outrank and outfox your competitors as your content will make it easy for your visitors to comprehend your message easily. You must go for the content that is meaningful rather than the content that will be off-screen so that by the time the visitor will reach that point, it will be loaded. 

2. Personalized Content According to Locations

Can be termed as a biological extension of the previous one as it deals with the same scenario. The major difference is that now content can be loaded according to the location as well as the browsing history. No, you don’t have to spy on your visitors by looking into their browser history, but you can use cookies that will tell you about what that particular visitor loves to buy. This information will offer you a chance to offer him the exact content that he is interested in.

It is a common mistake by many designers that they beat about the bush rather than coming straight to the point. Never make mistakes as nobody has the time to browse through your website for anything that is looking for. Give your visitors the exact content they are searching for and have come to your website. You want to imagine how happy your visitors will be if they get the information within seconds and can easily turn into a quality lead for you. 

Custom content can make things easy for you to target regular visitors or customers who are interested in a particular section. E-commerce websites and shopping portals can get extra benefits from customized content for maintaining a higher conversion rate. 

3. Progressive Lead Nurturing Forms 

Lead nurturing is one aspect that businesses must consider and couple with web design it can offer great potential for them. After all, it is the customers and the quality leads which can get businesses the sales and revenue they are after. A form is an important tool to get vital data from customers or even first-time visitors. But surely not every form can get you the exact data you need so that you can make them your loyal customers. 

The design of the form and its length will matter a lot as you will need much research and expertise to make it count. A progressive lead measuring form means that you have put in your effort and have asked for the fields which are your requirement. Nevertheless, you will need the hit-and-miss technique to perfect the design and the fields. If you want everything to be perfect right from the start, the help from a renowned web design company in Dubai will help you a lot. 

A CRM, like HubSpot, can store the information you need. And when integrated with the website the CRM can easily recognize the lead when they visit again. Your customers won’t have to fill in all the information gain, so you will be better off in offering a great solution to facilitate your customers. 

4. Video to Evoke Positive Emotions 

Nowadays videos are an integral part of any website. No matter what kind of product you are selling, even providing a service to your visitors, videos can make a huge difference. And when you can evoke positive emotions from your customers, then it can turn out to be a great factor in your success. That is why you need to be on song while making videos and incorporating them perfectly into your website. 

Video must be created with a purpose in mind and even the duration should be carefully thought of. You may think that a message can be given in two minutes, but if you can tone it down to 30 seconds, then the back will be much stronger. Even two to three minutes of videos don’t get much attention as compared to short videos within 60 seconds duration. 

As far as evoking positive emotions from your visitors is concerned, many aspects need to be considered so that you can create a video that is right on the money. Think about what would you like to see in a 30-second video. What message are you giving your customers about the product and will they think the same way as you are anticipating? If you can manage the suspect properly, then it is more than half the battle won. Give it your full shot and videos can offer great support to small businesses and startups in their bid to get the attention of the target audience.

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