6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

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The main value that you can earn on Instagram is Likes. If you have more Likes the Instagram post will be ranked higher in the feeds of user news. In addition, gaining more Likes will aid in ensuring that your next posts will be more popular because the algorithm of Instagram strives to show users more of the things they’ve already expressed an interest in.

The addition of Likes can bring numerous additional benefits as well, such as increasing traffic and followers because people will look through your entire Instagram account when they are satisfied with what you post. If properly planned, Likes could become a key component in your total Instagram strategy.

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To assist you in gaining these advantages, I’ve created this guide to help you increase the number of Likes on the visually-based social network.

Here are six suggestions.

1. Share images that work.

Images are likely to be the most crucial element of your strategy for Instagram Let’s get started with the images.

When you share an image in order to increase Likes, consider the factors that drive people to like your posts. Examine your previous posts and look at them in detail and see which ones received the most attention.

If you’re a new user on your account or haven’t been posting frequently before, examine your rival’s accounts to check out what they’re posting. Once you’ve gained some insight into the kind of pictures that receive Likes You can make similar images and then share the images.

There are two kinds of images that you should post on your primary Instagram feed: photographs and designs.

If you’re sharing the image as a whole, simply add a filter, and it’s ready to publish. A study conducted by Track Maven found that for maximum interaction you should apply filters like the Mayfair filter. Or perhaps not include any filters in the first place (as posts with no filters are second best).But when you’re sharing an image that’s already designed, you might want to consider adding overlay text such as an ode or fact or something fun which will garner more attention. Content that is entertaining and useful generally does well.An instance of a company which shares photos as well as customized backgrounds is Canva. If you go to their website, you’ll find a variety of photos similar to the ones above, and they also provide reviews by their users.Canva also has designs, such as the one above. It is beneficial to mix and match photographs and designs.

2. Make use of call to action or hashtags when captioning

If you’d like to be liked request them.

Social Bakers discovered that tweets were retweeted more when users asked for retweets.Hence If you’re looking for to increase the number of likes you receive on Instagram it is worth asking for them, too.

You can accomplish this by putting a simple message such as ‘Please Like this article’ in the caption. The overlay text you place on the image could assist too.A business that regularly posts interesting quotes and then asks people to follow them by putting an appeal in the caption is Foundr. They’ve employed this strategy to gain a large number of likes. This has led to them gaining more than a million followers.

The study mentioned above by Track Maven also found that posts that included 11 or more hashtags received the most views on Instagram.So it is recommended to add at minimum eleven hashtags each time you publish. You can add morehashtags, but make sure you don’t increase the number of hashtags to more than 15 since your post may appear to be sloppy.

When you’re posting something with a lot of attention then you could use one of the hashtags in this collection of 100 top Instagram hashtags for likings. They are great for postings about general topics.

If your blog posts are part of specific niches, then you need to make use of a tool such as Hashtagify to locate relevant posts exclusively.

3. Schedule at best times

Track Maven discovered that posts that are published between 10PM and 3 AM receive the most attention.

There are a variety of reasons behind this, but the main aspect to be aware of when looking at this information is that the engagement rate is more high when competition is low. A smaller number of people posting between midnight and 3am means there aren’t as many posts competing with yours, which means they will be given more interest. The more attention, as stated could mean more exposure , but you need to play around with this and determine if your posts are reaching the right audience.

If you do some research You can determine the most effective schedule for posting for your company. To get the most benefit possibility, you must consider scheduling your post with a reliable Instagram software for scheduling (I’ve listed the top 7 Instagram scheduling tools here).

4. Reshare with other networks

If you’re a follower on other social media platforms it is recommended to share your Instagram posts on those social platforms.

Sharing via cross-sharing will direct your followers to follow your Instagram account, which will get you more followers.

Instagram allows you to publish your posts with Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter once you’ve published. This isn’t always efficient since the post is shown differently on each platform depending on the limitations on characters and images and so on. It’s an alternative worth exploring.

5. Similar to other posts

Neil Patel randomly liked photos of people who he did not follow on Instagram Then he discovered that for every 100 likes that he made, he received around 21.7 Likes, and 6.1 followers back. The strategy worked even when he didn’t follow them back in response.

This method is contingent on your goals for business It is worthwhile to look through your favorite Instagram feed, as well as streams of the most popular hashtags and liking posts that you find interesting or helpful or from accounts that are relevant to your company.

This can help you get followers and Likes that can increase your reach.

6. Tag and run like a runner to win contests

Contests that allow you to win are a simple method of generating engagement.

In this kind of contest the only thing you have to do is upload an image on Instagram and invite people to follow the post and participate. Because it’s an easy procedure, a lot of people will participate, particularly when the prize is worth it. If your engagement is slipping and you’re looking for a quick method to increase it.

To get better results, you can run an Like and Tag to be the winner contest. This is where you invite participants to not just like the article, but also tag people that they are familiar with in their comments. Some of the people who have been tagged may also Like the post and tag another person.

A tag and Like contest can boost comments as well as comments.Drinkwel has conducted a variety of “Like to Win” contests on Instagram since they’re effective. In the example above they asked for people to follow and Like them to be a part of the contest. They also stated that participants are eligible for a second entry when they tag an acquaintance.

The prize was with a bottles of Drinkwel. This guarantees that only those who are relevant will follow their blog and like them.

These are the most effective methods to earn more Likes for the Instagram posts. You can try each one out. Start with the first five because they don’t consume any time. The final one, organizing a “Like to Win’ competition, may take some extra time. It is a bit of planning but it’s still fairly easy to manage.