What you need to know before watching and streaming online rugby

watching and streaming online rugby

In recent years, the passion for rugby has been growing rapidly. More and more people do not want to miss the Six Nations Tournament, the French Top 14 or the Honor Division games.

To get an idea, nothing else since 2017 has increased the spectators of this sport by more than 40%, and the number of club licenses to play rugby by more than 50%. Undoubtedly, this progressive increase has been influenced by the ability of fans to watch rugby online.

Although in the first months of the year the pandemic forced the matches to be paused, the competitions resumed their calendars with sanitary measures subject to the evolution of the coronavirus. For the next few months, the transmission of the pending games of six nations and of the leagues organized by the Spanish Rugby Federation is expected. The best thing is that to enjoy the games there are several alternatives that are convenient to know.

Options to watch rugby

The first option to watch a rugby match is through the Movistar platform, specifically on Canal + Deportes, for which the viewer must pay for the sports package separately, in addition to the basic plans.

There are also those who seek to watch rugby matches online and thus avoid paying for television service. The most common is browsing the web pages of sports channels, such as ESPN +, which also broadcasts NFL football games.

However, with this option you are likely to experience the geoblocking that limits watching matches with the phrase that many hate: “this content is not available in your region.”

To solve this problem, it is necessary to use a VPN that allows you to bypass this restriction by connecting to an IP address in another country where transmission is available. By using a VPN, the user can access other streaming services for streaming rugby matches and enjoy better transmission quality.

What should be considered when watching Rugby online for free?

The most common is to put in Google ‘watch rugby online for free’, review the available options and enter the portals that broadcast sports live, including rugby. Among the best known websites are VIP league, Stream sport or Boss cast to name a few.

Now, it is also necessary to say that some websites do not guarantee a totally pleasant and satisfactory experience. The reasons are due to the low quality of the image, the slow loading of the web speed, the limitation of listening to the game in a language other than Spanish and the incessant bombardment of advertisements that interrupt the full enjoyment of the matches.

You also have to be careful where you choose to watch rugby online for free, as there is a risk of computer viruses that are used to steal your personal and financial data. That is why it is necessary to first investigate what type of VPN to use to navigate safely and confidently on portals that transmit rugby in streaming.

The best VPNs for watching and streaming Rugby

Although there are a wide variety of VPN providers for watching and streaming rugby matches, the following companies have stood out in the market for their trust, security and responsibility.

Any of these providers will provide the privacy, trust and optimal performance that is needed not only to see 6 nations live, for example, but also to transmit the meetings without running economic and business risks.

Is it safe to use free VPN to watch and stream Rugby matches?

Although some people tend to use free VPNs to watch rugby matches, this practice is not recommended as not all free Hulu VPN providers fulfill the intention of guaranteeing safe and anonymous browsing. There is even the risk that free VPNs are used as bait to capture personal and business data that can then be sold to third parties for unknown or illegal purposes.


Undoubtedly, there are options to broadcast the matches and experience the excitement of watching rugby without depending on paid television service plans. While the Internet connection is a great advantage, it is essential to have a broader picture of all the available scenarios when using free or paid VPNs on online streaming services for rugby games.

The important thing is that there can no longer be an excuse: rugby has the table set to be enjoyed safely and reliably, be it the national leagues in Europe, the six-nation tournament or the upcoming world cup to be played in France.