Virtual Reality Is All Set to Change The Course of Digital Marketing: Are You Ready For It?

virtual reality course

So, what does virtual reality have to do with digital marketing? 

The connection between Virtual Reality (VR) & VR marketing is the same as the connection between social media platforms & social media marketing or email platforms & email marketing.

Virtual reality acts as another digital platform that can be leveraged to attract potential audiences to the desired target, be it purchasing your services or just getting them on your website, social media channel or physical store.

Although VR has been around for a long while, it is only in recent years that several industries have started realising its value, and the digital marketing sector stands to gain a lot from the technology. Many big brands have already used the platform to their benefit, getting a good return on their investments. In addition to earning big bucks, they have also found a new technologically advanced audience that is interested in purchasing their services and products. 

We’ll take a look at 3 such big brands that have already benefited from VR marketing:

Understanding VR Marketing With Live Examples:

Nikeland on Roblox:

Nikeland’s very own Soccerverse allows gamers from all over the world to dorn their favourite gear and participate in matches. Nikeland is Nike’s marketing brainchild created by Nike and deployed on the popular virtual reality platform Roblox.  

Based on the latest data from, in the first quarter of 2022, Roblox had 54.1 million monthly active users, the highest so far. Nike was able to reach that many people across the globe in only the first quarter of 2022. They are selling virtual merchandise for the Nikeland avatars, where players can create a unique persona and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Many VR gaming platforms have also been used by several musicians to host their concerts, which has helped them reach a wider audience.

McDonald’s Hall Of Zodiac & Happy Goggles:

Hall of Zodiac:

Although it may seem like brands like McDonald’s should have no need to invest in any type of marketing since they already have such an immense presence across the world, they continue to come up with unique ways of popping up with amazing & marketing campaigns that often seem like goodwill efforts. 

With their Hall of Zodiac, McDonald’s created a virtual space, a Chinese zodiac virtual exhibition where people could learn about the Chinese zodiac. This was a great learning experience for people who appreciated the genuine effort put in by the brand. Often this kind of marketing that makes its presence known without even asking people to buy anything in return always leaves a positive and long-lasting impression on people. 

Happy Goggles:

In 2016, McDonald’s in Sweden decided to celebrate Happy Meal’s 30th anniversary by turning the box itself into a convertible VR Headset. People were able to use the headset to play a VR-Theme Ski game created especially for the occasion, especially since the anniversary coincided with the Swedish sports holiday.

The idea behind the happy goggles was simply marvellous. And marketing thrives on such unique ideas. Offering your clients or customers such budget-friendly VR goggles can also help you garner a larger audience in the long run.  

Natural History Museum VirtualTours 

The final marketing example on our list is one that can benefit the Travel sector. The National Museum of Natural History in London is quite well-known across the world. People travel from oceans across to see the artefacts in the museum. But thanks to VR and the internet, they can explore the halls of this famous monument from the comfort of their home.

The travel industry can use this as an example to create virtual tours or even a short virtual tour trailer to entice their target audience to visit these faraway and exotic locations. 

Are you Ready For VR Marketing?

Regardless of who you are, the digital marketer just getting introduced to VR as a Marketing platform or an entrepreneur who has come across this new opportunity, are you ready for Virtual reality? 

Do you have the equipment or expertise to create VR marketing campaigns that can reach a wider audience interested in your services? If not, then it is time to learn or look for experts who can help accommodate you in the journey of adopting VR marketing.