Video Marketing: The Business Journey From Still Images To Moving Visuals

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There goes an adage and  “ If Content is the King then Video is the Emperor”. This is so very true for every top digital marketing company in india

Video Marketing is the process of planning, creating, editing, publishing, and promoting the products, brand by demonstrating on video. Platforms that practice video marketing are Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It is more descriptive, pictorial,  lively, and indelible. It is more interactive and gives a clear and memorable presentation of the products that make search engine optimization more efficient and helps in the conversion of sales.

Online video has become very desirable as it is cost-effective, reaches a large audience, and can communicate its messages very effectively and clearly. Depending on the marketing strategy the videos are used as live events, corporate training videos, product/ brand demonstrations, promotions, etc.

Video can put across the entire message effectively and precisely.

Video can be shared all across the places in the form of television, youtube, video boards, etc. to put across the message. Hence, it can reach a widespread, massive customer base. The video can be shared. Hence video marketing is a useful tool to convey the message and brand image far and wide. People have the habit of getting involved in the video because of its absorbing and interactive nature

Video is not only gripping, but it is one of the ways to get close to the viewers by sharing a positive event or productive information about the product/ brand. The audience is generally fascinated if it sees something useful and practical. The secret here is not to think much of the product or the brand but of something upbeat and worthwhile. The more the viewers get cheerful vibes, the more they will stick around

Video offers a flexible and interesting medium to digital marketing services in  India. More than half of the world’s population is on youtube and video. Video has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It has become so essential that if we don’t make the most out of this tool, we will be heading towards a marketing disaster.

Advantages of Video Marketing

High Conversions:-

Information was given by WordPress, that if we incorporate the video on our landing page, we can attract around 80 percent of the prospects. In addition to it, those emails that comprise videos can witness an enhanced growth of click-through-rate by 200%-300%. AS people are fascinated by video, they look forward to seeing it on websites and social media pages.  People learn better through visuals, a brief and concise video does the trick of engaging the customers, informing them about the brand, and finally converting them into prospects.

Better Search Engine Rankings;-

A video is a supreme tool that any best digital marketing company in India can possess. It doesn’t influence the grades directly but the mere addition of videos surely refine the rankings because of the high dwell time

Connects With The Customer Well:-

A video can interact with customers skillfully. The tone of the voice, the selection of appropriate words while interaction, the facial expressions, actions(joining hands to wish namaste, etc.) give a spark of human touch to the brand. Video has a great potential to bank on these emotions to relate and unite with the viewers.

Remarkable Brand Awareness;-

Video does an outstanding job in reviving and augmenting the digital marketing business, which is an inherent part of any marketing campaign. The best digital marketing companies use this tool for explaining the features and functions of their product by giving demos. We will be landing in a marketing disaster t uses video as a medium to explain the workings and values of the company. It is rightly said that “A picture is worth a thousand messages” Video increases the message exponentially

Eases Decision Making Process Of The Customer:

Video reviews give deep insight into the brand. By the tone of the voice and facial expressions, the consumer can understand the genuineness of reviews. It also gives a clear understanding of the workings of the product as it is shown live on video. All these features help the consumer to decide on the purchase of the product easily.

Progressive Engagement

Audiences are bound to share the videos they like.  The users share the video they have been fully engaged with and know the in and out of it. They are deemed as the ambassadors of the video they share. Word-of-mouth and sharing are closely related just like a hand-in-glove. The more the users share a video, the more widely it reaches the audience.


Video marketing has brought a breakthrough in Digital Marketing Services. We, human beings are visual thinkers. We tend to remember images over text. Imagine images that move, talk, eat, talk and interact with the audience. People will recollect it manifold as compared to just a still image. Hence, we can say that Video Marketing is a game-changer.  Video Marketing is the most powerful tool that every best digital marketing company in indiashould follow.