Best Video Marketing Strategies For 2021 – From The Experts

Video Marketing Strategies

Is Video Marketing tips still effective?

What do you think? Let’ say, you wish to prepare a Broccoli soup, would you watch a video on it or read the recipe? You got the point. 

Showing is easy to convey than reading. 

So yes, Video Marketing is 100% effective, widely accessible, easy to consume, and improves your Google Search Rankings. Video Marketing is one of the influential mediums to tell your brand story, allowing your consumers to connect easily.

You are here, reading this blog because you are aware of the effectiveness of the video. Companies are incorporating videos along with their content and images. Live streaming, interactive videos, tutorial videos, DIY videos, videos showing your day-to-day work, employee engagement videos are some of the best ways to engage consumers.

So, if you have never created videos for your brand and wish to start you will need successful Video Marketing Strategies to get yourself noticed.

Why Video Marketing Tips Is Important For Businesses in 2021?

Videos are one of the most engaging ways to tap your customer’s attention. It is easy to understand, great for story-telling, and shareable.

Developing smart video strategies will bring more awareness to your products/services. The customers are easy to relate your story, understand and thus,  helps them in making a quick buying decision.

Google love videos. Because videos have high-quality content. The increased session of a video tells Google about the “dwell time” – it’s when the user spends more time watching the video. Thus, it prompts Google that your videos are good hence, increases your search rankings. 

When you improve the dwell time, you will see an increase in user base thus, more and more people watching your videos. Therefore, automatically improving your Google Search Rankings. 

How Do You Create A Video Marketing Content?

Before you start creating the video, having SEO-optimized Video Content is important. To be more specific, for whom you are developing the videos

To find the answer, the following are the questions that help you figure out:

  • Who is your target audience
  • What are your target audience’s problems?
  • What kind of videos did they find engaging?
  • On which social media platforms you will be posting your videos?

Once you have answered these questions, it makes it easy to Make Engaging Videos. Also, make sure that your videos are compatible on mobile. As the majority of the people will be watching your videos on their smartphones. Thus, creating a mobile responsive video is important.

Tip To Improve Video Marketing SEO 

“I want to buy” about 65% of the users will type this on Google and they land with the website, an app, or a video that directly leads them to a decision-making phase. The Search Algorithms are prioritizing the web pages that have engaging videos. Videos play a vital role in increasing search rankings. 

For that you need to:

  • Use more videos on your website
  • Write quality content for the videos
  • Make sure that the keyword and content is SEO optimized
  • You need to be consistent with the video posting requirements
  • Uploading an interesting thumbnail. This immediately grabs viewers’ attention before the video starts playing.

Different Types Of Videos To Try

The videos that are more than two minutes get the most engagement. Make sure that your videos have placed a strategic call to action. Moreover, pursuing your viewers to subscribe for email marketing. 

What kind of videos you should make? Depending on what kind of product/services you are selling, the following are the videos that you can incorporate to gain a wider audience:

  • Interview videos
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • DIY videos
  • Webinar videos
  • Educational videos
  • Offering tips videos
  • Explaining your business concept through humor videos
  • How-to videos
  • Product explainer videos
  • Client testimonial videos 
  • Case study videos

When you are developing a video, make sure that it has SEO optimized topic description. A brief outlining of the video so that your viewers can read what the video is all about. 

What Is The Best Practice For Video Marketing 2021

If you are keen on making videos as part of your Digital Marketing Strategies follow these top practices to get success on your Video Marketing Campaigns:

  • Your Video Should Relate Consumers Problems

Your consumers will only be interested in watching the videos when they are able to relate their problems. Let your video talk about their problems, issues they are dealing with. Hence, your consumers will be able to make immediate contact with the video. 

  • Use Your First Seconds Wisely

Your first few seconds are crucial to grasp your customer’s attention. This is when you have to deal very carefully in getting them interested. Create a successful video that brings story to life.  The opening of the video should give clarity of what your video is and it is worth watching till the end.

  • Offer Them Solution

With the problems, the video should talk about giving the solution. Make sure that the story you are telling is visually appealing and short. Don’t make a video with an intention to sell. Allow your video to convey that you are offering them the best solution that talks about their benefit. Like how availing your products/services can hugely benefit them.

  • Offer Them Value

Create an awareness about your products/services through videos is imporatnt. Coming straight to the point looks very much like marketing, with an intention to sell them immediately. This will push your customers with getting nothing in return. Even if they do not purchase, offer something in return for the time they have spent watching your videos. This will help build a loyal customer base.

  • Optimizing Videos As Per Google’s Update

To improve your video rankings, your videos must be updated as per Google’s format. Knowing the latest Google Update and forming the videos accordingly will make it easy for businesses to improve their search rankings. Also, there are several Video Marketing Tools that provide you with various metrics such as real-time results, actions on your website, viewers viewing your videos, time is taken to watch videos, and so on. Thus, allowing you to make improvements accordingly.

  • Collaborating with other brands and influencers

With the help of a trusted influencer, the product/service feels more genuine to your customers. They can easily relate the authenticity as the influencer is after all a common person and not some celebrity hired to do the talking. The influences in the most natural ways will highlight the USPs of the products/services thus, enabling your customers to relate easily. 

All you need to do is to see how can you collaborate with the influencer for your video marketing to increase the reach of your customer base.

Top Video Marketing Trends To Rule in 2021

Online marketing has evolved greatly and it has to. With Google coming up with new updates, one has to change the way they used to do Digital Marketing. 

From writing the content to shifting to infographics to the videos and now memes. Regardless, of different marketing strategies, videos have got the center stage. They are loved by all, thus you must develop Video Marketing Strategies keeping in mind the following pointers:

  • Live videos are gaining popularity
  • 360-degree video experiences are loved by the consumers
  • Shoppable videos are going to make a splash. The videos will have links that will redirect the users to the product page.
  • Vloggers will be in demand. People love to know with similar interests what are they expecting.
  • Long storytelling is great for engagement, thus they are here to stay
  • Videos that have live showcasing of how the products/services works with actual people are going to be a super hit.

Benefits Of Video Marketing For The Businesses in 2021

If you’re still on the fence about whether to make videos for your business, the following is the quick recap of the benefits it brings: 

  • It boosts your customer base for sure
  • Get more returns thus converting your viewers into customers
  • Builds trust with your audience
  • Greater search rankings on Google
  • Appeals to all age-groups
  • It is easy to understand thus, complex things can be simplified through videos 
  • Drives social shares

In Conclusion

Video Marketing is thriving now. Thus, integrating the above-mentioned Video Marketing strategies for 2021 will bring a huge boost to your Video Marketing Campaigns. Apply new trends, keep on experimenting, and most importantly be consistent with your practice. Thus, you will see that slowly and steadily your customers are growing, they are acknowledging your brand and your Google Search Rankings are improving.