7 Powerful Benefits Of Video Marketing For Your Business

Video Marketing

Businesses, these days, can’t get ahead of their competition by only offering something unique or giving exceptional service. They need to invest in their branding which is made strongest through compelling stories. Stories are what create genuine connections between consumers and businesses. They have the most power to influence people, and videos are the best means to tell them.

In a world where consumers have a very little attention span, videos shine through and capture the attention of consumers in that short span. Videos are better for marketing because they carry emotions which somewhat lacks in other channels. They can be used to deliver nostalgia, make complex information digestible, and give the whole picture of the company in less than a minute!

Benefits Of Video Marketing

Below we look at the benefits of video marketing and what it can do for your business:

1. Great For Ranking Higher


Using videos in your content can boost your ranking in the search engine (SERPs). Videos capture the attention of the user which increases their time on the website. The dwell time, which is an SEO ranking factor, increases because of user’s that watch video. A whopping 80% of marketers have said that videos boosted the dwell time on their websites. So instead of increasing dwell time through bad UX practices, invest in videos to ultimately go higher in search engine ranking.

2. Get Natural Backlinks


If your job is related to link building then you understand what a pain getting backlinks is. Finding relevant high DA sites to build links can be off-putting to many marketers. But do you know that many websites don’t have to spend much effort on link building? They get juicy quality links to their websites automatically. Videos are responsible for these natural backlinks.

Not just in social media but people generally love to share visual content. When they find helpful videos on your post that satisfy their intent, they use your whole post as an external link in their website, ultimately giving you natural backlinks. Research by Moz claims that embedding a video in your website nearly triples the linking domains to your website! So definitely a big yes to videos for easy natural backlinks.

3. Reach High Authority Figures

Business executives or any high authority figures are always finding new ways to optimize their products/services and processes. They are hungry for new relevant information that they can consume in less time. This is why videos are appealing content to these busy authoritative figures.

Imagine a video on your website captures one business owner’s attention. They will then share it with their colleagues who are all decision-makers. When your video makes rounds, it is your brand that is getting powerful. Because of this, you might get really lucky and land a great B2B lead, all because of having video content on your website!

4. It Not That Hard

There’s no need to go to a really expensive video marketing agency for your videos. You don’t need super high-end videos to spark a connection with your audience. Simple and authentic videos can be made from one’s very own mobile phone. But do make sure that you edit these videos properly to make them a bit more professional. Also, keep in mind to have your videos in supported formats for supportability on different devices and platforms. There are many free video converters out there that make this easy. Use Any Video Converter or ISkysoft Video Converter if you’re just starting with your DIY journey to video marketing. 

5. Great For Emails


Imagine working hard for an email marketing campaign. You’ve written a compelling copy and a great subject line that demands clicks or taps. But all of it goes in vain because your prospect is a video person. This is where videos come in. Videos are a great addition to the content of emails. They highly boost their open and click-through rates. Even the word ‘video’ in the email subject line can increase CTR by 65% and open rate by 19%. 

6. More Conversions On Ads

Videos are a great way to offer a clear service or product demonstration to your consumers. Because of videos, consumers don’t have to read the long boring product descriptions to know about the product. They get acquainted with your product or service in a matter of seconds. Also the video testimonials aid in giving that extra nudge to a skeptical buyer. Whether it’s Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, videos drive more conversions and work for almost any social media channel.

7. Live Videos Are Becoming Popular

Live videos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular for businesses. Rarely any business out there doesn’t have events happening. These live events are a great way to build meaningful relations with industry experts and with your target audience. But many events also go unnoticed. Videos help make events come to light. They also encourage active participation from social media users. People leave comments on live streams and engage with other users which builds your brand on social media.

Bottom Line

The above powerful benefits of video marketing make it obvious that it is here to stay. Anything that improves the overall user experience of a website should be invested in and videos are just that. They are a great way to boost conversions, form genuine connections, and bring your business website higher in the ranking. So make sure that you incorporate videos in your business’ content marketing strategy to stay competitive and relevant!