Useful, but Unknown, Websites Every Blogger Must Know


A blogger’s job is to keep everyone updated thorough their blog. For that, the blogger needs to be updated with the latest happenings and trend also to run a blog the SEO, Photoshop, photo downloaders and other such tools are important to get access to the material in order to create a sizzling piece of content. 

Uber suggest by Neil Patel 

SEO expert, Neil Patel, has created Uber suggest that helps bloggers to search for keywords in order to rank their content in the Google searches. Type a keyword that you intent to use in your blog and the website will return with the results, showing keyword performance based on the competitors performance. Uber suggest is the best website for ranking your content on the SEO, which brings traffic on your website. 


As you know Tiktok is the most popular social media platform that is creating buzz everyday so in order to create the content you must need to download videos from Tiktok in order to publish it and gain followers. 

Snaptik is one of the best downloaders available on the internet that let users to download the content from Tiktok in HD format even if the account the private and the best part about Snaptik is that it download videos without watermark that is extremely awesome because most of the times the content is lost to the watermark placed in the unusual position.  


Photopea is the best photo editing app available for the beginners. The bloggers need a very essential tool for their blogs and that is photo editing tools, there are most of the apps that provides basic editing tool but they are nowhere near photopea. 

Buying photo editing software are very expensive and hence difficult to use that needs expert supervision so the easiest way for bloggers is to use free and basic Photoshop tools and photopea tops them all.

Link whisper

Creating links for your ensure can be overwhelming sometimes, downloading link whisper and installing it as an extension in your browser will help you to generate link automatically on the posts based in your content history. 

The internal links content your current content with a relatable previous content that is essential part of SEO and also important to maintain the continuity of the story. 

Remove BG 

Removing an image from the background is a critical task it requires precision and expert supervision to remove as basic a background from the picture. For bloggers, lively images and perfectly edited photos are a must so such type of tools comes in handy as the background can easily be removed or edited by using these apps and you can create a perfect photo for your blog in no time.


Spyfu is every day’s blogger needs as we discussed Uber suggests in the very first point, it is indeed great, but if something is available for free then it must be utilized instantly. Spyfu gives exact same performance as the expensive tools available in the market, the website provides comparative analysis between your website and your competitors website which helps you to make your blog stand out. 

Tip of my tongue 

Writer’s blog is a reality and well-versed content writers are aware of the fact that this obstacle strike in the peak of any content writers’ career. It becomes difficult to continue the flow of the content and words does not comes to the mind at right time. Tip of my tongue is the answer and solution to all your writers’ block issues. 

Answer Socrates 

Answer Socrates provides a good solution to your content ideas. If you are procrastinating then Answer Socrates will be the best platform for you as it gives ideas on topics to write about. The website provides real-time results of the people searching for questions so there are also very high chances of your content being picked by the Google SERP and it will also rank your content on top searches. The tool will also help you to provide varied ideas of the searches that will help you to create multiple content based on a single searcher result.