Types of Google ad Extensions

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Google offers promoters a diversity of ad extensions to help increase ad rank and click-through rate. If your ad succeeds, extensions will give you more space on the search results page. As Google Ads states, “extensions create more reasons to click your ad.” By using Google ads we can attract customers easily, it helps to understand the content or campaign easily.

Google Ads gives importance to the highest ad positions when displaying extensions, placed on the left side in particular all organic listings:

Google provides different ads to improve our ranking in Google page. Let’s try to understand the entire Google ad one by one with example.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions allows people to specific pages on your site which links in your add. When someone taps your link they will directly go to your blog or page what they want to see.

 In the above example, we can understand sitelink extension properly. Viewers search pizza store – fresh and hot in google, based on search google shows the result as above. In the result we can find sitelinks extensions attached , if the customer tap on the links like Order online now, ditectly user can vist to that page . So, it helps customer also and get benefit to the business peoples also.

Call Extensions

If you add phone number in your add, it wil helps for the customer to contact immediately to get their need services from you. Without call extension the business man wil lost their many orders. Because now days everyone would like to finish their work in easy and faster method.

In the above ad we can see they have mentioned their contact number, so that we can contact them directly instead of visiting their location to get more details from them.

Callout Extensions

These are additional descriptive text that permits you to “callout” features. With callout extensions, you will sponsor different offers to shoppers like free shipping or 24 hour customer services or offers details etc.

In the above example, we can see callout extensions describe their services in brief. Means they are showing advertisement like Free Shipping, so customers come to know about their different offers they will provide.

Structured Snippet Extensions

You can highlight your products or services in your campaign or account. Structured snippet extensions are used to describe about yourself by higlighting few points as a header in your campaign.By this customers come to know that what is your business and specification of your products or services.

In the above example, you can see what are the types of credit cards they will provide a service. Likewise in any of the campaign if you mention the highlights it helps the customer to understand about your campaign easily.

Price Extension

Price Extension can add more ranking to your blog or website by increasing customers by giving clarity and clear picture of price ranges for your product or services.

In the above example, Contoso computers have mentioned their price for products which they can provide. It helps the customers to short list their seaching product within short period of time.

Promotion Extensions

These Extension provide more count to your site by giving your sale offer and promotions  to the customers who looking for best offers on their needs. Especially for retail or shopping websites these adds helps a lot.

In the above example, they attract the people’s by mentioning 20% off for women shoes. The womens who are searching shoes with ofer definetly visit their website without a chance.

Location extensions

These ads helps for customers to find your business location, Map, Address.People can then click your extension to get further details about your location.

Message Extensions

Message Extension is one ad extension helps to people get chat option by tapping this ad extension in their website.

In your website you can give option to your customers to ask their queries through SMS or chatting with you by tapping this extension.

SEO Company in Bangalore