Twitter Marketing in 2021 – Twitter Marketing Tips From The Experts

twitter marketing

Have a Twitter account? You can find new customers on Twitter in just 5 minutes!! What? How? We show you how?

Being one of the influential social media platforms, Twitter is witnessing exponential growth year after year. The majority of online marketers are leveraging their marketing campaigns using Twitter to increase user engagement and brand awareness.

With over 320M monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most engaging and interesting social media platforms to be active on for businesses. Thus, it serves as a great opportunity for the brands to share a great repo with their customers. Therefore, it makes it easy for the brands to get the spot, especially when used the right hashtags.

Why Should Your Business Use Twitter?

Twitter is a popular social media platform allowing short message communication. The online platform allowed to send out messages/tweets for up to 280 characters. However, it officially changed to 140 in February 2017. 

With more than 42% of Twitter users access the app every day. Thus, sending millions of tweets every day. Hence, if you are considering Twitter for business, the platform offers a stronger customer base.

How Can Twitter Help Promote Your Business?

Social media platform like Twitter holds immense value for the businesses of any size. If you are planning to open a new business account on Twitter or already have one, it’s time to establish your brand online by:

  • Using trending hashtags

Hashtags can make your tweet viral. They are these potential marketing pointers that influence your tweets easily helping them to reach out to the potential audience easily. Make sure that your tweet resonates with the hashtag you are using. You can also pick a trending topic of the brand name, events, that you are holding and develop unique hashtags.

  • Handling customer issues through Direct Messaging –DM

The Twitter inbox we know as Direct Message (DM) offers an easy and quick way to resolve your customer queries then and there itself. DM is widely handled for sorting out issues, interacting with them on a personal level. Thus, making it easy for the customers to contact you directly. 

  • Using Polls, Fleet, GIFs, pictures for tweeting

The tweet can carry four images in one go. You can create your graphics or develop customized GIFs to help create the brand image that you need. Apart from creating customized images, you can also go for polling, memes, fleet stories, and more to connect with the followers. The more the engagement is the better the results will be.

  • Live to tweet

Live-tweeting is one of the most effective ways to get more followers for your handle. Especially if live-tweeting is done by celebrities and influencers along with their names hashtagging can make the tweets viral quickly. With conversation being real going on the social media platform, your audience can relate easily thus, more followers, and more visibility.

  • Running paid campaigns on Twitter

It is free to develop an account on Twitter. However, if you like to promote your tweets, it’s better to go for paid campaigns. The paid campaigns give sure-shot results in terms of qualified leads and increased followers.

Twitter provides plenty of advertising options that include:

  1. Promoted tweets

The promoted ads appear like regular tweets except they are labeled “promoted” on the tweet. These promoted tweets will appear in the usual feed that relates to your user’s browsing behavior. Thus, showing them encouraging them to follow your handle.

  1. Promoted trends

Promoted trends are seen on the opting of the trending topic box on Twitter. They are labeled as Promoted otherwise they will look at usual trending topics that users interact with.

  1. Promoted accounts

The promoted accounts help brands to become discoverable, growing their numbers and followers. The ads are run in multiple locations on the homepage and Twitter feed. This way helping you gain more followers thus interacting with your content directly.

Benefits Of Marketing Twitter For Your Business

There are numbers of benefits using Twitter can bring to your business including:

  • Reach wider audience easily

If you are targeting young millennials, techie professionals, women empowerment type crowd Twitter is the place. Twitter has a growing user base thus offering you a wider reach in few taps. Moreover, using appropriate, trending hashtags can help put your products/services in the immediate spot.

  • Increases brand visibility

Like said earlier, it has a growing customer base. Since it is a widely used public interaction platform the social media enables you to communicate with your customers directly. Thus, in turn, increases your brand visibility, as your target audience is engaging with your brand on Twitter through poll sessions, tweets, live-tweeting, fleet, and so on.

  • Deliver great customer care

Twitter is a two-way communication channel with your customers. Thus this increases interactions with the public on the social media platform.  When done it well it will take your business to reach newer heights.

  • Affordable 

To set-up a Twitter account is free.  However, there are paid campaigns that you can keep running but most of the time – tweeting, interacting with your audience is free of cost. Thus, doesn’t take much of your budget.

Twitter Marketing Tips 2021 For Your Business 

It’s okay if you are not a Twitter expert. You don’t have to be. You can still Google, do some research, and design your Twitter marketing campaigns. Furthermore, you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency to handle your social media campaigns.

Besides, follow these tips to make your Twitter Marketing successful:

  1. It is okay to post several times a day

For some brands and some locations, there’s a set time to post the tweet. But this is Twitter- a fast-moving social network. You may post it once or twice and never get results. So, it’s okay to post multiple times. Try and test which timings and days are most suitable to tweet.

  1. Researching hashtag before using

Just because hashtags are trending you are putting it with your tweets shouldn’t be the case. Research about the hashtags that match your tweet content. Apply only those that serve the purpose.

  1. Only a few hashtags

Do not overcrowd your tweet with several hashtags. The tweets lose the purpose. The hashtag is about trends that can be added too few for posting reasons. Finding meaningful tags that look decent and will resonate with your content.

  1. Following people that interact with your daily

Twitter accounts follow and communicate with the stranger handles easily. If you wish to grow your fan following, you must jump into the pool of such accounts and start following your targeted audience. 

When you start following people every day, you will see a rise in your following too. 

  1. Sharing pictures and videos

Posting on Twitter might be a two-minute thing. But, that’s the uniqueness of the social media platform. You can make your post engaging by putting memes, graphics, pictures, a GIF that immediately catches your audience’s attention.
Furthermore, it makes your content visible and able to connect with your audience. 

Top Twitter Marketing Tools 2021

Here are important trending Twitter Marketing tools that you should leverage in 2021 marketing campaigns:

  • Fiverr
  • Agorapulse
  • Kicksta
  • Hastagsforlikes
  • SocialViral
  • Twitter Amplify
  • Stormlikes
  • Ritetag
  • Twesocial
  • Promoted videos
  • Tweepi
  • Social Pilot
  • Tweepsmap
  • TweetDeck

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter whether your campaign budget is small or big. Any business can use Twitter and benefit. It is one of the influential social media platforms to reach the target audience,  build brand visibility and boost sales. 

When using Twitter for business, make sure that you have a good handle name, a bio that is brief but immediate to connect. Twitter is a platform to hold a conversation, be a part of that community and nurture your audiences. 

Incorporate Twitter Marketing Tools to posts and get insights on your performing and non-performing posts. If you have the budget, go for paid Twitter Advertising Campaigns that help target potential audiences. 

With Twitter, staying consistent is the key. Leverage the power of 280 characters and see the wonders it can do for your business.