Track your growth with Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has gained new ground as we speak of promoting your brand value. It’s the latest and an effective way to reach your spectrum of audiences spread the awareness of your brand and offer long term effectiveness as we have entered a new age of marketing. Especially after Covid, as the big-budget brand also slashed a huge chunk of its investment from promotions and brand building strategies. This is when celebrities were substituted by influencers. A huge shift was seen in the way brands were promoted as influencers have the power to communicate about brands and life in a way that consumers can resonate with their audience. 

Though there was a problem with influencer marketing and it was the constant failure to track the growth of the brand before and after signing up with the influencer. Though even this flaw is eliminated as a lot of influencer marketing technology has given access to gain a detailed understanding of how the campaigns are performing and make better decisions. Let’s go through some ways in which influencer marketing technology can help you track your brand’s growth. 

Pre-Campaign position: Various advertisement tools are accessed by the creator’s team to know the history of the brand and analyze its progress. An agency that deals with influencer marketing also uses the information to do brand matching with the suitable influencer in the market. 

Ongoing Campaign: In an ongoing campaign advertisers analyze the progress of the camping. Success is measured on a progressive basis and changes can be made in the mid-way of the campaign. It is based on the key performance indicators analyzed like incoming traffic, sales etc.

Post-campaign analysis: At the end of the campaign success is measured by indicators like income traffic of the customers, visitors’ percentage who turned into paying customers, and brand awareness that increased by an increase in followers on social media. 

Influencer marketing can be transforming your brand if you find the right match of influencer for your brand product and services. The impact can be witnessed by the rate of engagement, conversions and followers. Influencer marketing has gained immense popularity as it has shown some highly effective results for many brands. Just about 80% of marketers find influencer marketing impactful. Before you sign up with a brand here are quick benefits you can unleash with influencer marketing:

1. Influencer marketing is great for small as well as large businesses. It’s a great strategy to build a return on investment. 

2. As you tie up with an influencer it affects the psychology of their followers and help you increase your conversion rate. 

3. As the followers of an influencer are mostly due to alignment of common values and belief systems the brand also gets loyalty of that business. 

4. By advertising your brand with an influencer you get access to the millennial crowd and Gen z customers too. 

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