Top Social Media Management Apps In 2021

social media management apps

Every business can benefit from using the best social media management Apps.

In 2021, smart social media management apps allow you to target particular audiences with highly focused messages alongside your more traditional media management.

Together these apps can be robust marketing communications for your business to grow, with mainstream press coverage that feeds your social media outputs and vice versa.

To do this well,

All you need is to use one of the best social media management apps.

Each app will help you plan, schedule, and publish content at the right time so that it reinforces your broader consumer relations and marketing efforts.

But with so many social media management apps out there, how do you know which one to use?

Our Advice?

Don’t go for the most popular!

Choose the platform that helps you and your team deliver results most effectively and measurably.

Here’s our list of the best social media management apps, including their pros and cons.

Let’s get into it.

The 11 Best Social Media Management Apps

1. Sendible

It is one of the top social media management apps specifically designed for digital marketing agencies. The management suite features 20 built-in integrations from social networks, sharing sites, and blogs, to slack compatibility to help you keep in touch with your team. 


  1. Full integration with popular social platforms and blog sites
  2. Easy access to canvas design app
  3. Report hub to create visually engaging
  4. Ideal for social media and executives
  5. Detailed reports in just 15 minutes
  6. Visually stunning, detailed, and accurate reports


  1. No free trial
  2. Keyword monitoring needs to be taken with a handful of salt.

2. Oktopost

It is the only social media management app dedicated to B2B marketing. Known foran all-in-one solution designed to manage, monitor, and measure your social media activities towards achieving your marketing goals. 


  1. Multi-account, a multi-platform conversion tracking
  2. Identification of optimal channels driving results
  3. Robust business models integrations
  4. Roi measurement for social media activities
  5. Employee advocacy built-in
  6. Social data enrichment right in the CRM


  1. Lack of free trial
  2. Enterprise focus

3. Buffer

An intuitive and very simplistic social management app! If you want to perform cross-platform publishing only and don’t have a budget, then the buffer is the app for you.

This social media tool enables businesses to seamlessly queue various content forms on multiple platforms or even browsers, even while on-the-go. 


  1. Includes a virtual queue to automatically post-stagger
  2. Schedule content across all social media sites
  3. Renowned built-in image editor “pablo.”
  4. Geared towards mid-to-large-sized companies 
  5. Best for marketing agencies 


  1. Lack of full Instagram support
  2. Lack of engagements dashboard

4. Meetedgar

Meetedgar is a supreme platform for freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses seeking to optimize their social media presence on a tight budget. 


  1. Automated content recycling
  2. Reposting to maximize engagement
  3. Geared towards mid-to entrepreneurs businesses
  4. Offers plans for all sized organizations


  1. Lack of support for popular platforms like Pinterest orInstagram
  2. No post interaction and tracking directly from the dashboard

5. Hootsuite

One of the standard-bearers social media solutions for the B2C model! This web-based management app provides comprehensive collaboration perks along with the ability to deal all of your social media profiles on a single dashboard.


  1. Upload multiple youtube videos simultaneously
  2. Web-based and compatible for android and ios
  3. Manage multiple social media profiles
  4. Adaptable for every company situation from marketing to executives


  1. Sporadic compatibility issues on several platforms
  2. Leading to upload issues
  3. A limited number of URL-shortening options 
  4. Free accountsare limited to three.

6. Hubspot

It is probably the most recognizable name in the marketing industry! Their all-in-one marketing solution includes a standard social media management add-on.

With HubSpot, you can publish, share content, monitor creatively designed posts, along with analytics and reporting.


  1. Includes integrated CRM along with social media management
  2. Social inbox organizer
  3. Geared towards mid-to-large-sized companies


  1. No option to purchase
  2. More available to large companies
  3. Very expensive

7. Socialpilot

Well-known management tool with a rich feature set!Commended for its easy UI and affordable pricing!


  • Curates and suggests content from several industries
  • Optimizes post times accordingly with a queue for each
  • Reposts social media posts automatically
  • High-quality white paper reports generated from the platform
  • Add content through Edgar’s browser extension
  • New technology adaptation – TikTok
  • Ideal for small businesses and agencies


  • Dated UI, not the most user friendly for the less technical

8. Zoho social

Simple feature-filled social media app, offering fairly basic yet standard capabilities! Among others, this tool provides a live stream of social mentions for targeted keywords and a host of collaboration features.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Full integration of google my business
  • Exceptional reporting capabilities
  • Link shortening
  • Superb value for the price
  • Ideal for all-sized enterprises


  • Delays in real-time notifications
  • Some lacking scheduling features
  • Limited engagement capabilities for comments

9. Semrush

Though it is known for its SEO suite, it also offers the necessary social media management basics. It transfers its standards over the social media apps, with options to monitor, plan, and create posts across the major social platforms.


  • Competitor performance tracker including backlinks
  • A wide array of system integrations


  • Not overly user-friendly
  • Relatively pricey
  • Designed more for SEO

10. Agorapulse

This app offers seamless integration with social networks for in-depth analytics and reporting apps. It includes a CRM database allowing you to track and update a list of followers and customization options to optimize your posts for each social platform. 


  • Maximizes productivity
  • Unlimited, and well-designed analytics reports
  • Data exportable to excel
  • Ideal for larger-sized enterprises


  • Lacks support for popular social media platforms
  • Each additional competitor for an analysis costs extra
  • The micro plan is expensive for its offerings

Wrapping Things Up

Numerous social media management apps are available today. Trying to sort through these apps to pick one is merely exhausting.

However, several essential features are considered while choosing the right social media management for your business.

The essential thing is to ensure that the app you choose suits your business needs and provides the automation capabilities to effectively use your time and marketing budgets.

So get started with your app selection and start your social media management.

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