Top SEO Strategies To Try In 2024!

seo strategies

A website with a higher ranking is like a waffle with ice cream, which is complete. Ecommerce stores try to follow the market trends to get user attention on their site. Still, sometimes they forget that, from following trends, taking consideration from experts who have ample experience in the field is crucial.

Thus, in addition to following tactics, you should hire an eCommerce SEO expert. This blog will explore the top SEO strategies that can boost your brand ranking and performance.

Ecommerce SEO Trends

Here, we will explore the top ways to boost your website’s search engine result page ranking.

Improve Site Speed

The loading speed of a site is one of the major factors that affect its performance and ranking. Imagine yourself as a visitor then only you will get it. For instance, if you are looking for a service and the site takes too long to load, it will be frustrating, and you must leave it for seconds; as a vendor, we have numerous options, so why stick to one? Consequently, optimizing your website speed is vital for better ranking. Speed and SEO are both interlinked for better performance.

Optimized for Mobile Users

Mobile-friendly websites not only have improved ranking but also a higher conversion rate. Google has already shared in its report that sites with mobile-friendliness will be on priority as users like them. Mostly, people search from their phones, which increases the chance of your site being looked at and clicked on by visitors. To make your site mobile-friendly, get an eCommerce maintenance plan from MakkPress Technologies that provides different plans according to your brand requirements and makes your site mobile-friendly.

Use Trending Keywords

Everything ranks on keywords, the words users type while looking for a product or service like yours. Keywords come into multiple categories, from long tail to evergreen. Understanding primary keywords is crucial, as they are the main words users use while searching for a product. That keyword has high volume and search intent. After finding them, add those keywords seamlessly to your website content, such as in the header, content body, URL, and more. Using trending keywords increases your brand’s chance of getting the lead.

Create a Bunch of Quality Content

You can’t neglect creating content for your site. Quality and quantity are crucial. In terms of quality, creating 2-3 pieces of content is not enough. You need a lot of content with different user-centric keywords, and you will have the chance to get user attention, as content is the key to engaging them. So, look for the latest and most searched topics and create content based on them. It can be anything from long-format content to short infographics.

Acquire Backlinks

Building backlinks is one way to get higher search engine rankings. Getting links from reputable sites increases the importance of your site. So, the relevancy of the link and your site content matter a lot. Don’t build a poor site that penalizes your site from search engines. Thus, with MakkPress Technologies, you can enhance your website link building as they are experts in it.

Target Competitors Keywords

Looking at what your competitors are doing can help you avoid making the same mistake. Look for the keywords your competitors are using for the top ranking. If that is helping them, you can also use them on your website. Apart from keywords, examine their site content type, niche, and audience for which they are creating it. It will help you get the best consumer engagement and help your site rank.

Brand Mentioning

There are certain times when sites mention your brand name but do not link to your site. In that case, you can directly communicate with them to add your site link in the mentioned place. There are tools out there that help you find sites that have mentioned you in their brand content in any way. It will be a helpful way to enhance ranking.

Title tag and Meta description

The title tag and meta description both appear on the user’s browser on the SERP page. Every site comes with a small description of a specific web page that informs the user about what that page contains. In that way, visitors can get information without even clicking on the link. This is a well-known strategy for getting user attention on your site.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, in this blog, we have explained multiple ways to improve your website ranking. By following the discussed tricks, you can enhance your site’s visibility on search engines. Additionally, you can hire SEO experts from MakkPress Technologies, a digital marketing company known for providing the best marketing, SEO, and CRO services. They are well known for eCommerce conversion rate optimization services.

So, MakkPress Technologies has over 13 years of experience in optimizing stores with the latest SEO trends. They can help you get top ranking.