Top Instagram Marketing Trends Of 2021

instagram marketing trends

Ever since its launch in 2010, Instagram has added many nifty features besides its traditional photo-sharing one. Many of these features have been added in response to the competition for users’ attention. These features, which include IGTV, Instagram stories and Explore, have been vital in helping Instagram influencers to post engaging content that interests their users. In this post, we’ll see the various Instagram marketing features and trends that prove to be crucial for marketing campaigns.

Top 5 Instagram features that Instagram influencers can leverage in 2021

Instagram video stories-

Instagram video stories have long been influencers’ favorite. Instagram video stories have a better retention rate than images. That’s why brands prefer to hire Instagram influencers who post engaging video content that garners a ton of social interactions. What’s more, Instagram’s in-built engagement options like GIFs, surveys and the like help increase interaction and interest.

Instagram Carousel-

Instagram carousel is one of the fastest-growing features on this content-sharing social media platform. No wonder many brands use them exclusively to market their wares. Influencers too use them to expand on a story that may not be possible with Instagram stories. The 10 carousel slides that Instagram allows you to post are enough to explain something that requires more space to post. Initially only available for images, videos too can be posted on this feature.

Shopping features and product tagging(stickers)-

Instagram has introduced features that allow you to push a product directly from the post. Introduced in 2019, the shopping tag allows you to buy the product via a link on the post image itself. You can also tag the product for easier searchability. This makes it easier for influencers to promote products as visitors can redirect to the products’ shopping page from the post itself.


Reels were created in response to TikTok, Instagram’s main competitor. Just like TikTok, you can share short, dynamic videos of 15 seconds each. Instagram customizes each account’s reels based on their internal algorithms. There is a lot of competition between influencers to get their reels the most impressions possible. Brands know this well and that’s why most of them do not solely depend on a single influencer. They go through an influencer marketplace to find themselves a host of influencers who can help their brand get the maximum impressions possible.


While Reels is for short-form video content, Instagram allows you to share long-form video content through IGTV. Here, you can share videos for up to an hour for verified accounts. Regular accounts can share videos for up to 10 minutes. While this may seem like a YouTube competitor, Instagram yet does not have a search feature for IGTV. Nevertheless, influencers have used this extensively to post informative videos for their followers.

Instagram Live-

Ever since the pandemic started, Instagram live use has skyrocketed. People used this medium to know more about COVID-19 and how to Work From Home well. Many influencers use this feature to provide a behind-the-scenes look, interviews with eminent personalities, and other interesting and engaging content. Here, visitors can share the live video through chat and message and like it in real-time.

Top 3 marketing trends Instagram influencers can leverage in 2021

Qualifying for the Explore tab search results-

Here, Instagram pushes not-well-known yet interesting content through the Explore tab. More than 200 million people use this feature daily, which gives the creator a hell lot of impressions and engagements. Instagram keeps updating its algorithm for the explore tab. To qualify for being featured on Explore, you need to use the right hashtags, post at the right time, add location, CTA, and continuously engage with followers. 

As this is a springboard for better engagement and followers, influencers do whatever they can to qualify for it.

Cross-platform content-

Though this is an old tactic, it is as effective now as it was earlier. Posting the same content on various social media platforms helps drill the brand message to the target audience. Influencers can use the same content to gather followers and engagements across social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube along with Instagram.

Celebrating Retro-based content-

There is a renewed interest in the trends of the past. Fashion trends of the 70s and 80s are being reintroduced with new vigor. Many influencers have embraced this with filters, stickers, and other editing tools Instagram provides. Many are blending old trends with modern touches. This gives another reason for people to follow and engage with their favorite influencers.

Summing Up

Influencers and marketers are leveraging all types of features and trends to make a lasting impact on their target audiences. Those brands who aim to be heard but have limited resources are using All-In-One Influencer Marketplaces to run influencer campaigns that get the best Return on Investments.