7 Image SEO Tips You Must Know About

image seo tips

Multiple factors drive traffic to your website; one of the aspects is the images on your website. If the images on your website are relevant to your services and according to the user search, then it means the traffic on your website will be higher.

The user understandability is much higher with visuals and images, and a website must include images to their site. Users try to avoid long paragraphs and get an idea of the website services through images. It is crucial for the images to be optimized, and several factors help in optimizing the images. You must follow every detail and instruction to optimize the web images and rank your website better.

Keep reading this article to understand the essential tips that you must follow to make the images on a website highly optimized.

Top 7 image SEO tips you must follow for website rankings

Image optimization is a part of on-site optimization, and the quality and image relevancy with the web content matters greatly for website optimization. Usually, websites ignore image optimization and focus more on the content and backlinks. But it is equally important to optimize your images as well.

The following points will help you understand how to optimize your website images to improve its ranking.

1. Image format

Image formats matter greatly in the image optimization of a website. There are various types of image formats that you have to choose wisely for image optimization. Some formats have a positive impact on the quality of the images, and some will have an adverse effect. The formats that blur the images are not suitable because blurred images will result in low website rankings as they are not clearly visible for the crawlers and users. Some of the image formats are as follows.

  • Jpeg
  • Png
  • WebP
  • TIFF
  • X Bitmap

2. Image compression

The images you upload on your website must not be of larger sizes. It is very important to compress the images before uploading them to the website. These compressions minimize the websites’ loading time, which is an important factor in website optimization.

3. Alt text

It is very crucial to add alt text to your images. It is an HTML code that you write for images telling the web crawlers about the image. Web crawlers cannot interpret the image; that is why they read the alt text for these images, telling them what the image is about. It is important to select optimize alt texts for images because the text that is not optimized will not get to the crawlers’ notice.

4. Image file names

Let us understand this point with an example. Suppose you are writing many articles and you save the files with the numbers like 1,2, and so on. When you try to open a specific article, you have to look for all the articles searching for the right one. If you save your files with appropriate names, you will easily identify what the article is about.  The same is the case for search bots; they optimize your web images by reading the file names before even looking at what is in the image.

5. Add captions

Writing captions to your images is important from the user’s perspective. When a website user is looking for something or some content, they skim and scan for titles and headings along with the images. Adding captions to your images will enable them to know whether your content is helpful and beneficial for them or not. If the user is staying on your website for a longer period, it will help you rank your website.

6. Image responsiveness

It is one of the essential and important image SEO tips you must follow. Your images must be responsive, and by responsive here, we mean that your images must display the same size on different applications and platforms. If they fail to display the same on each platform, it means your images are not responsive, which will lead to poor SEO rankings.

7. Mobile-friendly and optimized images

The images you will upload on your website must be mobile-friendly. It is not always necessary that the user will view your website through a laptop or computer. Mobile phones are much handy, and due to this convenience, people log into websites using their mobile phones. Make sure your web images load properly and timely on mobile devices without affecting the picture quality.

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Optimization of images is equally important as the web content!

Websites that ignore image optimization fail to rank their websites higher because for higher rankings, not only is web content important, but the optimized images are equally important. Web crawlers look for every aspect of your website while ranking it, and you must consider the minute details of your website while optimizing it. Hiring an SEO expert is the best solution to optimize every element on your website that influences your rankings.